DEATHLOOP by Arkane Lyon

I don’t think Deathloop will do a lot better though. Not really feeling any buzz. Akin to Rage 2 or the latest Wolfenstein.

Deathloop is obviously trying to clever and stylish, which I don’t think you would say about those two :) Agree with the lack of buzz, but Dishonored didn’t have any either I don’t rhink.

I fired up Mooncrash last night and played for a couple hours. I managed to escape with the Engineer via the shuttle but man, I really really hate that moonshark.

I haven’t been able to complete a second character escape without dying horribly. I can imagine once you figure out all the escape routes with each character it becomes a sort of speedrun / routing game in order to win the race against corruption. (saving the easier escape routes for last)

MOAR explanation:

That was helpful, thanks.

Still not feeling it for $60, though.

Hopefully when MS buys Bethesda it’ll come to gamepass

Should! Although it’s a PlayStation exclusive for a while I guess.

Well it’s a PS5 console exclusive. It’s coming out to PC same day IIRC.

Very helpful, thanks! Their marketing is a disaster for this game.

I loved Mooncrash, but I only bought it because I liked Prey so much and felt bad that it hadn’t done well. Mooncrash sat on my HD for months because I had no idea what it was. Same deal here to some extent.

I dunno, it’s probably my most anticipated game this year after Psychonauts 2 and Evil Genius 2. I don’t know exactly what it is and that’s exciting.

It’s easily the one thing I’m super looking forward to this first half of the year. The negativity in this thread for a game no one has played is ridiculous.

Hmmm… both of the recent trailers Bethesda’s put out for Deathloop don’t mention the May release date in either the description or the video, which makes me think a delay’s on the cards.

Fair enough, I just don’t think they’re putting their best foot forward. Rooting for them to succeed after Prey and Mooncrash.

  • 60s aesthetic is a turn off
  • Marketing made it look like some kind of battle royale, the worst type of game ever
  • The combat mechanics of Dishonored were the least interesting thing about Dishonored and that looks like all they’ve brought over from it

That video that LordKosc posted made it seem like it’s not a battle royale, so that’s good. Otherwise, the negativity seems quite justified.

How in the world do you get Battle Royale out of these trailers?

Pretty much the first thing they said about the game was that there would only be (up to) 1 other player in the game.

Correct and the other assassin in game can be a human or filled in by the AI.

Game looks fine to me but I just wonder if it is just mostly combat focused. I assume there is stealth as well. Manipulating your targets so they are in the same place seems to require alternate solutions.

I am guessing when you run out of time the rival assassin auto-kills you with a sniper rifle from some perch. Also wonder how they are going to implement the passage of time. It looks like there might be set Morning/Day/Afternoon/Evening/Night stages instead of a real-time clock of doom.

Dude what. The game is explicitly set on an island stuck in a literal time loop, not some New Game+ Dead Rising-esque loop. That’s obviously how the time limit mechanism will be enforced.