DEATHLOOP by Arkane Lyon

The videos suggest that time only passes when you move from one area to another, which is what creates the puzzle that you have to ‘solve’, as targets are in different areas at different times - if that makes sense.

That makes sense - the guy in the video kept saying time was on your side, indicating it’s not a resource you have to be delicate with. I suspect this won’t play out quite like Outer Wilds as previously expected.

Well the game is called Deathloop.

They illustrated over and over again the character dies to restart the loop so it won’t be like Mooncrash where the simulation just crashes and resets automatically after enough real-time passes.

Naturally I have to wonder what happens when you never die through normal gameplay.

It’s like Outer Wilds in the sense that knowledge is your ultimate weapon. Since all events repeat themselves in the same way and order, knowing what will happen and when is key to “unlocking” what you need to “end the loop”.

It seems there won’t be any time pressure, at least not in the 22 minutes sense of Outer Wilds, but I’d be surprised if there isn’t a “soft cap” for it.

I get this. My wife is like this for movies, books, and TV; she does not want to know anything about it except that someone she trusts has recommended it or she saw a tiny tidbit that interested here. Me, I want to know it all–genre, theme, style, etc. But I definitely get where you are coming from.

I’m definitely like that for movies - I don’t watch trailers and avoid spoilers. Less so for books and TV, though in principle the same applies. For games I’m not as bothered about spoilers/excess info, because the stories are usually trash, it’s just that I like it when they don’t neatly fit into a pre-existing formula like 99% of games.

Oh, yeah, this is definitely something that interests me as well. For this particular game, I’m not that jazzed, but the weirdness of it does intrigue me.

If you’re a fan of Bond-like songs then Deathloop has put Deja Vu from its trailer onto Spotify.

More details:

Key piece for me was understanding maybe what they meant in the video about time being on your side,

“Fortunately, players can explore each zone as long as they want, but once they leave the level, the clock moves forward to the next time of day.”

Ah, it’s “RPG time.”

They’re dangerously creeping into the ultra-competitive holiday sales period.

Eh that all might be delayed to next year.

Part of me wants to joke that Microsoft realized they’d be putting out a new game on PS5 before Xbox Series

Maybe they are waiting for PC graphics cards to be in stock again. :P

Well, crap. Just two days ago I booked a vacation for the week after release. Post-covid, I’m now 3/3 on taking a week off to play a game at release, and have it be delayed.

Certainly a bummer. It will definitely have a lot more competition now in September even if there are delays galore from COVID. It’s a shooter that will be launching a month or two before the next Call of Duty and Battlefield games. Not really where you want to be.

But its single player, which is great!

It is (sort of…), and that’s great, but the timing will hurt. Halo Infinite is coming around then sometime too unless that gets delayed again.

Hopefully Returnal delivers.