Debate 2, dissembling boogaloo

Kerry is blowing it. He’s not answering questions, he’s harping too much on Iraq. Bush is absolutely quivering in fear, and now is the time for Kerry to state, plainly and calmly, what his policies are, and let Bush look like a fanatic. He needs to pull the fangs in, and put the brain out.


Well, I think Bush just running all over the moderator pretty much handles the “fanatic” question.


We’ve been dissecting things (read: making fun of the questioners) in real time in the IRC channel, if anyone wants to stop in.

They’re both presenting the same rhetoric with the same soundbytes as the last debate with little new stuff…only this time with more fervor. I can’t see this one going better for Bush unless there is some change of tact.

Bush is losing cool, cutting in, interrupting the moderator, glaring at Kerry and smirking when Kerry says something he disagrees with. He’s coming across as petulant whenever anyone hints at criticism of the way he’s been running things, as if people just don’t ‘get it’. Kerry’s keeping his cool, answering the questions, rebutting Bush’s attacks, presenting his own alternatives and throwing Bush off his game. At this point, Kerry’s doing a better job. All IMHO of course.

Bush is losing control. He’s shouting, unable to control his expressions, and the way he just ran all over Gibson was completely insane. What the hell is going on here? Is he back on the cocaine?

Yeah, but he’s getting laughs.



Man that guy in the front row is huge.


Finally, the real face of Dubya is coming into public view. What a petulant jerk.

“We have a deficit because the country went into a recession. And we have a war.” Forgot those taxcuts, eh?

Remember kids, you run up a deficit by having a recession. SPENDING HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.

Um…I think Bush just referred to Kerry as “Senator Kennedy”…er…uh…doh!

Of course he also referred to the draft being talked about “on the Internets [sic]”…so maybe it’s just me.


Kerry just got a laugh. It’s pathetic how important that can be.

Then Bush tried a joke straight after - he got nothing.

Bush on the environment: “I’m a good stewart of the land.” LOL!

Kerry: “This is one of the worst admins in history. We’re going backwards. Backwards on clean water, etc I’m going to be a president that believes in science.”

“Need some wood?” Let’s research this!

I totally missed the moment. What was the joke?

As Angie just said, Kerry has just stated that he respects agnostics and atheists in a public place, as part of a campaign. I think I’m going to cry.

That has seriously moved me. I am beyond proud right now.

I totally missed the moment. What was the joke?[/quote]

Kerry was talking about how Bush and Cheney have little corporations set up to save on taxes. He said Bush had a little timber company. Bush played stupid.