Debate II: Fact check

More bullshit from 2 very conventional politicians.

AP’s fact checks suck. I know I refer to too often, but they really have a leg up on the others, particularly with the depth they go into after the summary and the sourced links that we readers can verify for ourselves.

As usual, apart from a few McCain whoppers and some inaccurate Obama numbers, most if it looks like exaggeration or wishful thinking on both sides, which I find neither unexpected nor particularly troubling in a debate with this format. I mean, what are they going to do, give a lecture on the exact specifics of how their Healthcare plans will interact with the industry in one minute? No, they need broad strokes, and positive ones. That won’t change until you get a three hour freeform debate out of these people.

Dirt, maybe you should apply those fact-checking standards to your own posts.

From this, a person might think that you were supporting someone very unconventional, maybe Charles Jay or Gloria La Riva. Or maybe Brian Moore. But you’re just bitter than Hillary, the epitome of the conventional politician didn’t get the nominee.