Decent video card for < $50?

My little brother still has a 3dfx Banshee. He just inherited copies of Medal Of Honor, Command & Conquer, and Mech Warriror 4. He says he can’t play most of them because of his video. He does not want to spend $100 on a video upgrade.

I am about to suggest he get an MX GF4 because they are like $50 on pricewatch. I know you guys would probably not want one, but is this a reasonable low cost solution for these games? I am thinking this or a GF3, which is about the same price range. I do not know the rest of his system specs, but I am guessing it’s probably a P3 > 1G CPU.


under $50 is a brutal price range for video cards. Are you sure he can’t jump up to $100? That’s definitely the sweet spot right now.

If you absolutely have to make it fifty bucks, I see that newegg has a single Albatron MX440SE 64mb DDR model at $56-- that would be my choice.

Thanks Jeff! I appreciate the input. I agree $50 is brutal for a video card. But considering he held onto that Banshee until now, I can’t imagine him spending more.

If time isn’t critical, you could always prowl ebay. Here’s someone that got a GF3 Ti500 for $38.

If you’re willing to spot your brother ten bucks, Tiger Direct has gf3 ti500’s for 59.99 after a mail-in rebate. They had ti200’s for 49.99, but those appear to be sold out.

Hey Tim…

I would have to say look on Ebay, Anandtech etc…

There are people that are allways selling off video cards at a cheap price. To bad you didn’t say anything earlier because I sold a G3 Ti200 for $50!


Scouting Ebay and hardware forums are good ideas that I hadn’t thought of. Thanks!

So I assume there are no video hardware requirements for those games mentioned above that would rule out a GF3 card then? This is good news. The worst thing would be to advise him what he can afford only to find out he still can’t play the game.