Deception: Murder on Quarter to Three Forum Game


That game is great. I have a ton of fun with it every time it hits the table. Looking forward to seeing what happens.


Why wait? Maybe you were the culprit. We all know you are still raging after Tom’s review of Deus Ex.


Let me read the rules and get back to you.


I’m down to play.


I would’ve just done it in LA instead of traveling all the way to Hong Kong.


Okay. I’m in. Do it. :)


Excellent. Provided @scottagibson and @Snebmi confirm their participation we have critical mass.

Who knew so many were so interested in the demise of @tomchick? He might even want to solve his own murder.

Sign-ups are open until Monday. If we are a big group I might add some of the special roles.


Did Tom know he was going to die? Is this setup just a sneaky way of making sure he can’t join in and play the game?


I’m in.

This will be interesting. Four forum games at once for me (BSG, Avalon, Codenames, and now this!). I’ll figure it out! Just as I’ll figure out who murdered Tom (unless it was me).


Is this on some other forum? How is Codenames via forum? Now I sort of want to run/play Decrypto via forum.


Codenames is on Slack, which technically isn’t a forum I guess.


I’d love to play if there is space for me.


Wait it has? When?


@CaseyRobinson said so in the forum game thread.


I would play if there’s still room.


Game supports up to 14. I think we are in special role territory now.


Yay! We start on Monday, you said?


I’m in if there’s room.


Codenames works really well by forum, though it can be a rather more precise game than face-to-face. I’ve played quite a few games on a different site.


Well, it takes away Codemaster metagaming.