Deception: Murder on Quarter to Three Forum Game


I’m in if there’s room.


Codenames works really well by forum, though it can be a rather more precise game than face-to-face. I’ve played quite a few games on a different site.


Well, it takes away Codemaster metagaming.


Oh, great, right when I go out of town, I get murdered. My timing sucks.



Yeah, not that I don’t trust @Jorn_Weines, but I think I’ll have to do a second investigation into the murder victim.


You’ve had a good run Tom.


If there’s still room, I’d like to test out my detective/body hiding skills.


I can confirm that Tom is doing quite well for a corpse.


Game hasn’t even started and @CraigM is clearly the Accomplice.


I’d like to join to if I can! @Jorn_Weines


Ok, sign-ups are over. I’ll need some time to do some setup.

Players are:


and and @soondifferent.


Hello investigators!

Some of you will receive a PM from me with your role and your special information. We are playing with the Witness and the Accomplice. We are not using any events. If you do not receive a PM you are a normal investigator.

Once the Murderer has indicated what the key evidence is, I will decide the cause of death and location of the crime and start indicating clues.

Player order, clues and means:


Completely packed day. The people who have roles have gotten their information. I don’t have time to post the first clue bullets until later, but here is the cards for cause of death, location and the initial four scene cards:


Sorry I missed out on this. Hopefully I get to join the next one.


Did I miss your signup? Terribly sorry!


No, you didn’t miss anything. I just didn’t see the thread until this morning.

Y’all have fun. I’ll be following along.


Hey, are sign-ups over? :)


Huh, interesting. Build and relationship may be somewhat less useful in a group such as ours.

Relationship: everyone is a friend. Well poop.


I thought those were all meant to be a clue for the vital information anyway, not a clue to the player.