Deception: Murder on Quarter to Three Forum Game


That’s a fair point!

I’m not sure how you could infer a weapon or clue from the various options there.

Though perhaps some would. Love letter definitely cues off one. And a few items may have a correlation to weight. Spoiled food? Certainly. Powder? Well nose candy certainly has some effects on weight.

Ok, I retract my previous assessment! I was definitely thinking in terms of ‘catch the person’ as the ultimate goal. Not nessecarailly ‘find the weapon’.


I will post cause of death, location and one scene as soon as time permits.


If you want to role play and American forensic scientist then you should just bury the info in your closet and forget about it until you retire…


Can I ask how I would murder someone with a shipping container? I feel like that - and a locked room - involves some other method of murder as well, like starvation or gas poison or a crane to drop the container.



Is this set in Hong Kong as the game permits or somewhere else?


In the grim present of the present, there is only Quarter to Three.

Location: Kitchen
Cause of Death: Severe Injury

I need more time to study all the clues before posting scene clues. I will not answer any questions except for rules and timing. Please no discussions in PMs.


That would hardly be a challenge. It’s always Lantz.


Ok, based on this, let us start deducing.
Starting from the bottom (because the way of posting)

@Lantz has a potential kitchen item, but spoiled food isn’t exactly ‘severe injury’
@rho21 isn’t cleared, but box cutters are a weak kitchen clue, and would likely have another location picked
@Matt_W has all the things. Literally every item could plausibly be kitchen, and all could cause severe injury.
Also blender? Ewww
@Snebmi candlestick or machete are maybes. Machete doesn’t have a clear room, and if it was peanut? Kitchen would be the choice.
@RichVR has unarmed and bamboo as weak options, also coffee would make kitchen a logical choice
@scottagibson has some weak clues for this. Probably clear
@soondifferent has a bunch of weak options. Not cleared, but not high probability
@RothdaTheTruculent has brick and cockroach/ powder which could be kitchen. Higher than Soon, but lower than most others.
@CF_Kane is pretty clear in my book on this.
@rowe33 could be the killer, but is a middling suspect at best.

And me. I’ll let someone else make the case.


Severe Injury as opposed to Loss of Blood suggests something that bludgeons rather than cuts. Or at least cuts very deeply.

As far as means go, I like Matt_W’s Blender best by a distance, I quite like CraigM’s Cleaver and Snebmi’s Candlestick too. But as Craig says, it could well be a means that doesn’t have a particular associated room, with the room pointing us towards the clue. There’ll be much more information to come.


@Jorn_Weines can we see all the options from which you picked? That might help so we can know if there wasn’t a good option for one.

Edit: you did. Sorry.



Are we supposed to do this part in player order or are we relaxing that for internet reasons?


AIUI, we’re in free discussion at the moment. We only have to do proper presentations once we have the first 6 bits of information.


Cleaver in a kitchen sounds reasonable.


Oh sorry yes. Carry on :)


I’m inclined to believe that things like throat slit and box cutters are less likely because that would be bleeding instead of severe injury? Severe injury makes me think of a baseball bat or steel rod and bruising rather than stabbing. Of course I could be wrong but I think throat slit makes minimal sense.

Scott’s steel pipe jumps out at me but he doesn’t have anything I would immediately consider kitchen. Switch maybe?

Craig’s cleaver looks like a kitchen knife, and that’s my main suspicion for now. All of this is just speculation right now, of course. We only have 1/3 of our clues.


For the thirty-second timers, I would suggest giving everyone exactly one post with a maximum amount of words.


Open discussion until all six clues are revealed. I like @Snebmi’s suggestion of a word limit. Not sure how many words though.

First scene clues tomorrow, won’t have time tonight. Also, many investigators that have not checked in so will give them a chance for the first clues.

Album of all possible locations (but also the events we’re not using this game):


I was looking up average amount of words per minute someone says, and I got an amount in a conversation, and since you can talk fast, I’d suggest a hundred words, just because it’s a nice round number.


Withdrawn. I’m an idiot. Carry on.


Words, characters, same difference ;)

Anyhow that’s a good thing to bring up @Snebmi, because otherwise some of us (ok, me) would definitely fill the thread.

But in lieu of speaking, just note I am nodding approvingly with what some of you have mentioned as good points I had not yet considered.