Decisions, Decisions... Supreme Commander

What to choose? What to Choose?

So I am going to get it. That is a given.

So my choices are:

Walmart $49.82
Bestbuy $49.99

Both appear to be only the game.

Then at EBGames we have the game w/ a Bonus DVD w/ stuff I will probably never use at $49.99

Then there is GoGamer.

I can get the game w/ Caesar 4 for $48.90 or the game w/ Rise and Fall for $44.90

Although how the game comes with a free copy of another game and they vary by $4 doesn’t seem to be free to me…but hey. Its a game!

So I am leaning towards GoGamer but now have to decide which “free” game I get.

What do you recommend?

I have no clue, but I want to point out that we absolutely needed a new thread for this question.


Welcome, new person. Now duck.

Hehehe. oh well. I can stand the flames (I hope) But the fact is that while this does sorta resolve around SupCom, it does focus on two other games. If I just wanted to post purchasing options for SupCom I would have posted it in one of the exising threads.

But the meat of the thread is about two games that I have not played before and wanted advice on. Should that be posted in a SupCom thread or a new one?

I felt a new one was needed.

Next time I will try to work on my thread title a little more to avoid angering the thread police but the original question still stands.

Which game is better? Rise and Fall or Caesar 4?


oh and thanks for the welcome RichVR.

edit 2:

No need for me to be calling people inappropriate words. So removed it.

Hey, I was being serious! Too bad I missed the inappropriate words though =/

In any event, go with the cheaper package, games are equivalent.

Get it at GoGamer with Caesar IV.

Don’t listen to those bastards. You start whatever threads you want. deeprun is painfully short on hemorrhoidal ointment. After a trip to the drugstore, he’ll be fine.

I could

do without

the space

between every

sentence though.


Tyjenks is right in all respects in #8.

My big decision on the 20th isn’t which version of Supreme Commander to get, it’s whether I want Supreme Commander or Crackdown. There really shouldn’t be two good games released on the same day … in February. What’s up with that?

Heh. Too many year documenting in different CRM applications. Used to spacing out information to ensure it was readable and able to distinguish different sections. I will try to be better. Try. No promises.

Well if you want it for the Halo3 beta you can hold off. Apparently that will not go live right away.

But as a PC gamer… Support the PC! Support the PC! We need all the help we can get to keep PC gaming alive!

Indeed. By NMA logic we know that the quality of games is inconsequential anyways.

Obviously Supreme Commander succeeds at emulating pretty much everything from TA, so it would appease an NMA-freak’s rosy-glasses view of the past title, but it’s in 3D so that’s frighteningly different and it requires new hardware compared to the old title and so therefore must be burnt at the stake.

I don’t think it is really a matter of the Halo 3 beta, or at least that’s what I keep telling myself. It’s more a matter of things like Supreme Commander not running as well on my 7900 GT as I expected and figuring out which online community will simply pass me by.

i ordered mine from and got 10% off. i’m on the “unlimited 2-day shipping” plan, so its gonna work out beautifully.

What processor do you have? I have the 7900 GS and it runs fine for me. And I belive your GT is better than my GS.

I feel your pain, brother. I’m going with Crackdown simply because:

  1. the Crackdown demo released first
  2. therefore it hooked me first
  3. right when the SupCom demo released, I got sick
  4. therefore I haven’t actually installed the SupCom demo yet
  5. therefore I don’t know how badly I do or do not want it.

Plus Crackdown is more of a pick-it-up-for-half-an-hour, break-some-heads, call-it-a-night game. SupCom looks like one of those get-in-the-zone, spend-three-hours-per-level marathon ordeals (if I have to stop playing mid-level, I could see having to take notes on what my frickin’ strategy was!). And right now that just seems too exhausting since I’m barely over this latest flu bout.

You’ve totally fucking confused me now, Kunikos. What the fuck am I supposed to do???

It’s worth noting that TA was a legendary system hog back when it first shipped, though…

fuzzyslug, I don’t know how much of a community there will be around Crackdown. SupCom, though, already has a whopper and it’ll just get bigger. Can’t wait for the SupCom mods :-D

You’ve totally fucking confused me now, Kunikos. What the fuck am I supposed to do???

It’s worth noting that TA was a legendary system hog back when it first shipped, though…

Ok seen the term 3 times in this thread. What the heck is NMA? Stupid minds what to know.