Deep and abiding sense of futility

"I had this deep and abiding sense of futility about the time I was wasting. More deep and abiding than I do with other games."

Also on this week’s Poweruser.TV podcast: the Subway sandwich RPG, Nintendo announces something else for me to lose in my couch, and the dirty little secret about real time strategy games.

And Brad Wardell on PDC, during the second half of the show!

This month’s issue of Computer Gaming World has a column by Robert Coffey about these corporate ad-games. Synchronicity!

Can someone just link me to the Subway RPG?

It’s not live yet. I’m hoping next month.


I listened to the podcast. If I might make a suggestion: The woman, okay, I can rquickly recognize her voice, but not always the guys. More of the “Tom, what do you think?” type lead-ins might be useful.