Deep Rock Galactic (now out of early access!)

When I started playing many months ago, but not at the first release of EA, there were markers dropped by the mule, but they didn’t indicate the direction like they do now, that was modified in an update. I remember how the extraction phase was harder because getting lost was a real possibility, if you weren’t aware you didn’t know what direction was the right one!

Can someone tell me what it is I keep (money and XP wise) and what I don’t when I fail a solo mission? I gather the mission doesn’t get “checked off” till you come back alive, so you have to do it again to get to the next one in the “assignment,” right? I just played my first egg hunt and unfortunately due to the structure of the cave managed to fall to my death on the way back to the drop pod.

Is bosco with you, I see you are playing solo, make sure to upgrade him with revives.

Yep , someone in the mission party has to make it to the drop pod, for it to be a success.

I strongly suggest dipping your toe into multiplayer, set it hazard 1 or 2, and enjoy!

Noted about upgrading Bosco-- is there a special terminal where I do that? Is it at the same Equipment terminal as other stuff?

But do I not get anything if I don’t come back alive? Or just not as much?

As to multiplayer, so far I’ve only played once with Brian, Spaz and Hunter during their Thursday afternoon/evening LAN party a week and a half ago. It was a lot of fun. I don’t know if I want to play with total randos though. But of I see you’re playing I’ll give a shout-- what time zone? I’m PDT.

I think you get 20% of what you had collected at that point if a mission fails, instead of 100%.

Bosco upgrades are in a separate terminal.

Thanks, I found it. You’re playing it as well? Or did you burn out on it in Early Access? ;-)

I stopped playing just one week before 1.0 release :) but most of the hours were in the previous two months to that, when the game was basically done. I will come back after Summer when they release the big updates they have announced.

You are missing out on quality pickaxe cosmetics.

Played 2 missions with @Papageno tonight, he shows potential, but hasn’t built up his tolerance to multiple beers yet… :)

Hey, your character passed out too, just sayin’. :-p

So the blue field number is your level in a particular class and the other is overall level? What does the overall level confer on the player?

Nothing, it’s just a good way to know if you play with a veteran, or not.

It does unlock things too. Like at player level 8 you get a weekly assignment.

Oh, at this point I forgot about that. I guess Haz5 is also unlocked once you reach level x.

I thought the impressiveness of my beard was the identifier for veteran status.

Does this game feel complete without the $30~40 in day one DLC Steam is selling?

I’m looking for a laid back, semi-casual exploration/goal-oriented game to play co-op with my wife, but nothing too overwhelming for her. She can handle controlling first person characters in MMOs like WoW and Guild Wars 2, but probably not reflex shooters. I know this game has some shooting, but I don’t know where on the scale it fits between DOOM Eternal and Portal.

Yes, and the game should be perfect for your desires.

The “hazard levels” go from laid back take your time with it up to running for your life while out of ammo and you can choose which one you want freely.

Thanks. Imma buy a couple copies for us.

All the DLC is cosmetic. And this is a FPS. So yeah, it can be safely skipped.

The game is super easy in the first two difficulty levels, and there are five of them, so there should be one of them that is ideal for her skills.

Is there a way to select a female dwarf for my wife to play? If so I can’t find it. I got through the tutorial myself, and am on my ship, but I’m not seeing a way to customize yet so I don’t know if that opens later.

My wife will go through the tutorial tomorrow and we’ll be able to play together. I plan to spend most of my gaming time today playing the new expansion for Age of Wonders, but I also plan to play some Deep Rock Galactic with public groups and see how that goes. I hear pub groups are actually okay in this game.

I’m happy to have read that most upgrades in this game are actually side-grades, so hopefully I’ll never feel like I’m leaving my wife in the dust if I play alone.

I’ve never played Left 4 Dead and didn’t know anything about it, so I was expecting this to be some sort of co-op Minecraft/building game with shooting. Even though that’s not the case, I think the pacing of the combat I’ve seen so far should be right up her alley, and I look forward to trying the different classes and seeing which ones will work best for each of us. I’m really counting on this game to deliver the Overwhelming Positive experience so many reviews tout. I’m kinda desperate to find something we can play together again besides Hearthstone, something that will hold both our interests.