Deep Rock Galactic (now out of early access!)

It’s not a question of whether I can manage, but a case of how stressful it is.

Man, what in the fuck.

I’m glad neither this nor my previous try at this mission when I kept inexplicably sliding off engineer platforms while desperately trying to get out and ended up being overwhelmed by bugs because the engineer gun sucks major ass (and my two pub teammates deserted me) were my first and second introductions to the game, because I’d really be rethinking my purchase!


Gotta jump!

@Papageno @Kolbex , I am on if anyone wants to play.

My steam name is kaptain_kolbey, FYI. Feel free to add me.

I couldn’t jump, though. It was a lot further away from the nearest land than that pic makes it look.

Any European (or at least same time zone) players? My username is the same, but without the underscore.

I play with a couple of old friends a few times a week and we regularly need a fourth. Usually some time between 9-12 eastern time. I’m Thrag on steam too. Feel free to friend me and join if you see me playing. We should be getting our next game on this Thursday.

Does anyone know if only friends of the host can join a private game, or friends of any player? Since my gaming buddies and I are geographically distributed usually the most centrally located one of us hosts.

I should say also for those hesitant to play with randoms, my experiences opening up to a public fourth have been completely positive. My one friend who plays a lot of random games reports the random population largely seems to be nice team minded players.

There are a lot of "Thrag"s on Steam. You may want to post your Steam friend code!

Is DRG Steam cross play with the Windows Store version?

Those bastards stole my name! To think there are more people who couldn’t remember the correct spelling of the poor departed caveman from the far side.

My friend code is 10546780. Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t even know this was a thing as steam names are not unique.

I guess I suck at this game.

I played a hazard 3 with a team of randoms and we kept going forward and deeper into the cave system after calling the drop pod. I was just following them. We end up in this chamber that seems like a dead end only to be swarmed to death by bugs. I’m not sure what the point going there was…were we suppose to dig our way out or something? I was immediately kicked after the game ended.

Once you call the drop pod aren’t you suppose to backtrack?

You are supposed to follow Molly as it will return automatically to the drop pod. Hell it even drops little lights with arrows to guide you. Alternatively, you also have a marker in the hud of the drop pod position, and go there yourself without waiting the slow Molly.

It seems to me in your inexperience, you followed some players that ended up being more noobs than you :P

Yeah I thought it was strange going deeper when we only have 5 minutes to get to the pod…which if it is the initial drop point, was pretty damn far away. The host was lvl 25…/shrug.

Hazard 3 seems a lot harder than hazard 2. I haven’t even tried 4 or 5 yet (although I don’t think I’m allowed anyway).

How are you guys organizing the groups? I’ve found doing 1-2 missions a day to be pretty relaxing (with bouts of tension) so would be up for that

I have some friends who play so I do some with them, but actually most of the time I just jump in with randos and it usually works fine.

I am still learning the game. Playing scout, I often hookshot to my doom. Like I’ll often grapple to the ceiling…except that was a stupid mistake because the only way is down to massive if not totally fatal fall damage. When I go for ledges I sometimes can’t mount them and drop…taking damage again.

Also I don’t really have a clue what all the collectible items that show up as objectives are. So I am running around mostly being useless.

I should probably stick to Gunner for a while.

I have the same trouble with Scout. The grapple hook sometimes seems like more of a curse than a blessing! Kinda seems like the most useless class, especially the way it just blows through ammo. The flares are nice but not really necessary. I would definitely say Gunner and Driller are more beginner friendly classes.

It is also an excuse to easily get separated from the group and die alone like a total noob.

I understand the class is suppose to work in conjunction with the engineer’s platforms in order to mine the hard to reach ore but it’s really easy to mess up or I’m just doing it wrong. Maybe I need more equipment upgrades/perks…

As playing scout, you should be ahead marking stuff, and the team in theory should be following you. ;)

This is a very nice idea, but it’s so hard to make randos understand it (I don’t use voice chat with randos). I’ve been on both sides of it. As a scout, I find engineers just laboriously build platform staircases to reach ore rather than letting me do my job. As an engineer, I’ve called out minerals, thrown platforms under them, then watched Scouts look it at and just turn away what the hell.

The scout in my group is the main miner. I usually play engineer. I end up being the one to scout ahead to throw platforms under everything for the scout to come clean up.