Deep Rock Galactic (now out of early access!)

How are you guys organizing the groups? I’ve found doing 1-2 missions a day to be pretty relaxing (with bouts of tension) so would be up for that

I have some friends who play so I do some with them, but actually most of the time I just jump in with randos and it usually works fine.

I am still learning the game. Playing scout, I often hookshot to my doom. Like I’ll often grapple to the ceiling…except that was a stupid mistake because the only way is down to massive if not totally fatal fall damage. When I go for ledges I sometimes can’t mount them and drop…taking damage again.

Also I don’t really have a clue what all the collectible items that show up as objectives are. So I am running around mostly being useless.

I should probably stick to Gunner for a while.

I have the same trouble with Scout. The grapple hook sometimes seems like more of a curse than a blessing! Kinda seems like the most useless class, especially the way it just blows through ammo. The flares are nice but not really necessary. I would definitely say Gunner and Driller are more beginner friendly classes.

It is also an excuse to easily get separated from the group and die alone like a total noob.

I understand the class is suppose to work in conjunction with the engineer’s platforms in order to mine the hard to reach ore but it’s really easy to mess up or I’m just doing it wrong. Maybe I need more equipment upgrades/perks…

As playing scout, you should be ahead marking stuff, and the team in theory should be following you. ;)

This is a very nice idea, but it’s so hard to make randos understand it (I don’t use voice chat with randos). I’ve been on both sides of it. As a scout, I find engineers just laboriously build platform staircases to reach ore rather than letting me do my job. As an engineer, I’ve called out minerals, thrown platforms under them, then watched Scouts look it at and just turn away what the hell.

The scout in my group is the main miner. I usually play engineer. I end up being the one to scout ahead to throw platforms under everything for the scout to come clean up.

Work on getting the rocket boots active perk, mostly fixes that issue.

One of the friends I play with is famous for falling off ledges. I think he’s taken the rocket boots, but has never once managed to hit the key in time. IIRC scouts can zipline back down which somehow doesn’t do damage. If you’re falling just zip to something. That’s what the scout in my party does when he zips up to a ceiling to grab a fossil.

It takes time to recharge, though, and I don’t think it recharges while you’re still hooked to something, so I don’t know how that would work. I know there are upgrades you can buy to lower the recharge time, but I’m not sure by how much since I’ve opted for more reach instead.

I also have failed many times to activate the hover boots when I needed them. :(

As a scout I’ve gotten better at not falling, but it seems to only come with practice in knowing where to point the grappling gun. I never took rocket boots because I knew I’d never remember to use them.

Another tip for playing engineer as point man in a team is that you have access to the grenade that throws up the dancing distraction hologram. Very useful if you get separated and swarmed while looking up ahead.

It does not recharge while grappled. Both of the recharge timer upgrades also don’t speed it up enough to save you from a free fall.

I only run rocket boots on my scout, does take practice. But if you’re hanging there an you thing ‘ruh roh’ that gives you enough time to get ready before releasing.

Not if you forget the key to use them, which I still forget, isn’t it the call molly key?

I think I need to play each mission type solo to understand what the heck is going on.

I played this mission where you don’t even have molly, but rather a kind of static base you return to with 4 turrets. Everyone seemed to go out on their own to find and gather specific resources. I was totally clueless and didn’t know what I was suppose to do.

The assignment you get at the beginning with the 9 missions runs you through each type. You do indeed have to bring stuff back to that point. I mean, if you did it on your own, you wouldn’t know what to look for any better, and you wouldn’t even have teammates to go by. Just follow and watch what they’re collecting.

There’s also a miners manual in the escape menu that explains each mission type. Thank God. We had to get some seed that must be a new thing.

I accidentally joined a Hazard 4. That was a mistake. I got incapped an absurd amount of times. We still won though as there were some clutch players.

One of the tactics though with one of the carries I learned is staying in the middle of zipline as you can toggle back and forth. I guess only flying and ranged bugs can get you there, because at one point the entire area was just swarming with bugs with one of the guys stayed on the zip line to hold out until the drop pod landed.