Deep Rock Galactic (now out of early access!)

I just picked up the Steam version, after playing the Xbox version on and off for a few years now. Steam friend code is 4956471.

Didn’t know friend codes were a thing, but mine is apparently 54720861

Do you just enter those in place of a username or something to find a person?

Yeah, go to the friends menu and select add a friend from the drop down menu. Can’t miss it.

Steam logins are unique. Steam profile names are not unique. Valve further confused things by allowing a custom profile URL - which has to be unique. There’s also a unique SteamID per user, although maybe that’s supposed to be private.

To try and un-fuck their system in the face of Discord competition Valve added friend codes as yet another way to find people. It’s absurd, but marginally better than playing “match the forum avatar to the Steam ID”.

Thanks. I trust that somehow I can figure out what my own friend code is to pass it around in case my own profile handle (papagenox) isn’t unique.

It must have not always been thus, though, re the profile handle not being unique, because I surely would have picked Papageno, and it didn’t let me IIRC.

It’s in large numbers near the top of the page I described earlier (the one where you enter other people’s numbers)

It seems like I can complete Hazard 3 as long as other people on the team are somewhat sufficient in their classes. If people just start dropping and/or aren’t productive then it might be over…because we will eventually run out of ammo and the bugs will continue to pile up. This is also where it starts to feel like sometimes the swarm waves never end…I need more quiet time in order to mine dammit!

Hazard 4 is still a bridge too far where the swarm feels endless literally right out of the gate. What is the deal?

I haven’t even tried Hazard 4

They have certainly made the game more solo-friendly. Bosco didn’t exist when I last played, nor did Molly drop the directional indicators. Of course, that didn’t stop me from panicking when I called the drop pod without intending to and winding up failing my first (post-tutorial) mission 🤣

I suppose the good thing is I actually made a couple of good choices and got back on track to escape after getting hopelessly lost… before I fell to my death.

I love Bosco so very much. Especially with rockets and electrified gun ammo.

Can’t decide if I like the driller or gunner better so far. Just like in beta, I find the flamethrower incredibly satisfying to use.

I’ve been playing the driller a lot more lately and I got to say he is pretty damn good. You can drill your way to literally anywhere or anything. It makes getting to the drop pod almost too easy. I haven’t calculated the maximum range I can drill for based on oil capacity but I made a 70m tunnel to the pod once.

Also definitely the flamethrower. I unlocked the Cryo-gun and only tried it once before switching back. Reason being I kept running out of ammo with that thing multiple times in a single mission.

Yeah, I’m really feeling the driller too. I love CC classes. I’m getting better at keeping an eye on the map and connecting up different tunnel sections with cross-tunnels.

I also like the driller, but I think the cryo gun is great.

I’ll give it another go. Maybe I used it too much or something? Freeze things then let other people shatter the frozen bugs? Where-as with the flamethrower you can use it a little bit and let the fire DOT effect do the rest.

The upgrades weren’t very clear to me either.

I freeze things then shatter them myself with the pickaxe.

Right. I guess that would go rather well with the vampire perk.

Disclaimer: play hazard 4 mostly, no overclocks for freeze gun yet.

Freeze gun shines when spec’d for quick freezing and freeze everything near you automatically during fire. Its barely a tap to freeze a grunt.

Freeze and then swap to secondary (or axe em) to finish. Spec axe for aoe damage to help shattering close groups.

A good team will recognize a freezing driller and help shatter the huge groups. Saves a huge amount of ammo for the whole team.

What doesn’t work is if you have two drillers, one flame and one freeze. Effects cancel out and things take forever to die.

I’m on the fence on this, mainly because I’ll be playing it solo. Is very fun as solo? Or just meh?

Steam summer sale ends tomorrow… So you are welcome to talk me in or out, me or my wallet will be grateful.