Deep Rock Galactic (now out of early access!)

The weird thing is, the team I joined started on Hazard 4, and it was weirdly lite on enemies for long durations. Or they killed everything super fast while I was somewhere building platforms to reach high rock. It felt like playing Hazard 2…

The next game was Hazard 5 and it was one of those linear mining expeditions. Probably the easiest mission type. Every time there was a swarm we just stopped and handled it. Once the coast was clear we continued forward. I didn’t make it back to the pod though because I thought the driller was going to tunnel to it, but he was dillydallying around too much. The ultra pro players just followed molly back successfully.

@lordkosc did you notice???

I saw the name! How do you see with only that tiny shoulder light?

And your chin is so smooth!

They won’t let me grow a full beard yet, I’m still in my probationary period.

You have much to look forward to, for example see my beard armor!

Lol, he’s a fair bit ahead of me 🤣

Got my driller to 10 yesterday and finished up the noob assignment. Now to work on unlocking mineral trading and the Cryo cannon

Did my first Haz 4, and it was a “kill 3 dreadnoughts” mission. Luckily the rest of my group were rock solid.

Dreadnoughts are trivial

solo on haz 2

I think once you are competent with Haz 3 you can do Haz 4…but you need to be with other like-minded players. Some players just have no business in Haz 4 yet which can hurt the team cohesion.

All missions in haz 4 are pretty easy and not much of a step up from haz 3 except the mule extraction due stuck in place nature of the final bit of the mission.

Ummm, I would never describe Haz 4 as “pretty easy” but agree Salvage (not to be confused with Extraction) is most susceptible to end-mission disaster because it requires you to be stuck defending a specific location…twice and then some (Hence the ‘bunkering’ strats)

Haz 4 point extraction is insane. Four straight failures. Yuck.

My advice, try to no dilly dally in that type of mission. After a time (20 mins?) the turrets in the base that help you kill bugs will turn off as their ammo is depleted, leaving you alone against too many enemies. That’s when things go sour. The team should focus on getting the aquarq as the very high priority, leaving the gold and other stuff if there is time left.

I think I read on Discord that on that specific mission type, the waves get increasingly difficult with time, which would be about reason not to take too long.

This is true but all the ones I’ve failed have been overwhelmed either right at twenty minutes or, in the case of the solo ones I’ve tried, at the very beginning. Like, one time Bosco wouldn’t put down his aquarq so when I got downed by the huge swarm of armored grunts that was already in the cave when I landed for the third time in the first three minutes of the game he couldn’t res me and it was game over.

Uuuuugh, I finally finished one because I got lucky with aquarq locations, and it was still super hairy from beginning to end, but I didn’t do it where the blinking light was so no credit for the Assignment. >.<

If you call for help or select a target with your laser pointer, he will drop anything he is carrying.

How do you call for help? I was trying to get him to drop it by pointing at some enemies or something but it was pretty goddamn hectic with a giant swarm of them surrounding and munching on me.

There’s a keybind. Think mine is X, but that may not be the default

Oh, that would make sense, since it’s how you call for help from teammates when you’re downed. I never imagined it would apply to Bosco.