Deep Rock Galactic (now out of early access!)

Talking about PC to Xbox cross compatibility, but good to know about Steam to Windows.

Doh! Was operating under the assumption all the Xbox and Win 10 stuff was cross compatible these days. Haven’t had a console since the 360 so out of my element here.

Xbox and Windows SoT can play together, but Steam cannot play with Xbox. Pretty balls, but I guess no worse than Sony forbidding cross platform play with, e.g. Monster Hunter World.

Regarding Sea of Thieves…

Engadget disagrees.

Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam gamers can all play together.

Here is a how-to:


Anyone want to lay some pipe tonight in a dark moist cave?

I am on Steam. :)

Played 2 rounds with @Mellified and his friends, good times. Even if they were horrible at following any suggestions. Encountered a Glyphid Crassus Detonator on the first mission , which was glorious to fight as always. :)

I think because we were all on voice chat the text chat was forgotten!

This is still NOT cross compatible between Steam and Xbox, right? I ask only because the last couple times I’ve fired it up I’ve gotten an xbox game bar popup informing me that my brother is playing something on his Xbox, which has never happened before.


  • The Game Pass PC version can play with Xbox and shares progression.
  • Steam and Game Pass PC are not cross play and progress is not shared.
  • Steam and Xbox console are not cross play and progress is not shared…

Game Pass PC is the same as buying on Windows store? Completely wild that two different stores on the same platform can’t play with each other.

I was playing last night, but I’m a noob level 8 and would only muck up the works during missions, I expect, but I do buy rounds!

Does everyone use Vampirism and Thorns perks on everyone? Seems mandatory.

So I just got a overclock for the scouts shotgun that sends you flying after each shot. It is sort of amazing because you can save yourself while falling from great heights with it and you can effectively shotgun jump which is a lot higher then a normal jump.

I still need to practice with it a lot more to get a feel for it but what great additional utility.

Just like Quake.

I use thorns but not vampirism. Not sure what counts as a “medium” enemy. Maybe I should run it.

Anything but small swarms which Thorns immediately kills off if they hit you (usually suicide against your shields). It’s a good extra source of healing. Plus if you combine it with Berzerker it can really add up, which I use on Driller and Gunner mostly.

Yes, Game Pass for PC and Microsoft Store are the same thing.

It is awful that PC has so many different, incompatible platforms for multiplayer. GOG, Steam, Epic, and Microsoft need to figure out a way to work together for the good of all.

Makes me wonder if some of those other store player bases are tiny and desolate. Whoever’s idea this was…

It’s really in developer’s interest to ship with cross play, since it increases the online player base of the game. Epic for one has a complete solution available - including voice chat. Admittedly it does get complicated for devs with some genres where input device matters, such as FPSes.

Anyone do this weeks elite deep dive? The first missions on-site refining, we had one of the most insane pipe tracks I have ever seen. Like a dozen switchbacks in an upwards spiral. It was beautiful.

Trying this on PC Gamepass. Seems like a whole bunch of fun!!