Deep Rock Galactic (now out of early access!)

Anything but small swarms which Thorns immediately kills off if they hit you (usually suicide against your shields). It’s a good extra source of healing. Plus if you combine it with Berzerker it can really add up, which I use on Driller and Gunner mostly.

Yes, Game Pass for PC and Microsoft Store are the same thing.

It is awful that PC has so many different, incompatible platforms for multiplayer. GOG, Steam, Epic, and Microsoft need to figure out a way to work together for the good of all.

Makes me wonder if some of those other store player bases are tiny and desolate. Whoever’s idea this was…

It’s really in developer’s interest to ship with cross play, since it increases the online player base of the game. Epic for one has a complete solution available - including voice chat. Admittedly it does get complicated for devs with some genres where input device matters, such as FPSes.

Anyone do this weeks elite deep dive? The first missions on-site refining, we had one of the most insane pipe tracks I have ever seen. Like a dozen switchbacks in an upwards spiral. It was beautiful.

Trying this on PC Gamepass. Seems like a whole bunch of fun!!

Still not tired of this one, even after 75 hours. I’m only level 34, and what blows me away is seeing guys who are level 300+, like damn how many hours do you have in???

Me neither. My two regular gaming buddies are also still into it as well. We’re running a few missions 3-4 nights a week and it’s not getting old at all. We have rotated classes a couple of times to keep it fresh. I’m on my first driller promotion now, after promoting engineer twice and gunner once. Just scout left to try out.

Such a great game.

I was doing an elite deep dive but it looked like one of the other players was cheating. He was able to spam slow down grenades like he had an infinite amount. Suffice is to say we cleared all the missions. Handily.

Yeah I’ve seen a cheater or two, one guy had like triple jump, was crazy how he could almost climb straight up a wall.

Luckily these folks are super rare.

I’d swear this is a high level skill for one of the classes.

There is an overclock for the scouts shotgun that propels him through the air and you can shoot it twice before reloading. So jump + shotgun jump 1 + shotgun jump 2.

The main difference is you’d see the scout firing his shotgun downward.

Teaser of the new biome.

Love it, clearly going for an underwater feel. The motion of the flora looks great.


12-12-2020 12-20-14 AM

Rubbish game, don’t buy it. :P

Christmas event is going on, claim your hats!

Way ahead of you, buddy:

Very nice!