Deep Rock Galactic (now out of early access!)

Christmas event is going on, claim your hats!

Way ahead of you, buddy:

Very nice!

Not the tentacle bramble!

Wow that looks super cool. Honest’y I’m glad they swapped for this over Caustic Mire. This is something that can give the gorgeous looking Azure Weald a run for its money!

First show of one of the new biomes

And the other biome

I just wish they changed the render a bit, to make the game less confusing when you are in a hole looking at dirt …so your whole screen is made of 48 polygons with a flat texture. But maybe changes here would dramatically impact the requirements for the game, so is a big nono.

A horizon line would be nice for those situations, but perhaps a little disorientation is simply part of the experience of being a space miner.

Rock and Stone brothers!

Today we ROCK and STONE!

Also a new cosmetic dlc:

Seems every new cosmetic dlc has the dwarves wearing less clothes and having more tattoos. D:

Both new maps are fantastic. Also the new double Dreadnought fight, is a huge upgrade in challenge.

Also got this badass achievement unlocked:


3rd anniversary event!

New armor looks sweet!

2021 plans!

Prototypes for new weapons

Tiny lock on rocket launcher with like 250 ammo? Yes Plz.