Deep Rock Galactic (now out of early access!)

The differences in gameplay are going to show up in caverns that are more difficult to navigate. Driller is awesome in that he can make his own tunnels, but has nothing like a grappling hook to easy move up/down in a hurry.

*Steam Early Access

*and Xbox Game Preview, yay!

Out tomorrow, be aware this game is probably going to be in early access for at least 1-2 years.


Yeah, I got the press email and you can only get keys if you have 1000 followers on twitch or youtube. They can go dwarf themselves.

Yeah, not a fan of the Woovit platform. Keymailer is way better.

Just curious about your comment as I was thinking of picking this up. Is it rough around the edges and not ‘enough’ of a game at this point?

Was watching some people stream this last night, and it is hilarious

Yeah, we’ve streamed it a few times, it’s a blast even in its early stages.

Man, at this rate I’m going to pass what I spent all last year on games by the end of April.

Tell me about it.

Oh from the very little I played, my 2 cents don’t count for much. ;)

I am 100% sure to get it at some point, but there are so many finished games to play, why not just wait to see how the MORE MORE MORE content they promise pans out?

I’d say as it is for a EA release, its fun but bare bones enough to give a WAIT on. Plus you know early access games love to have crazy sales multiple times before they hit 1.0.

Great, thanks for the info.

Did you just mean for pre-release with this comment? Because you can buy it from steam, window and Xbone stores right now. Apparently it’s cross-platform, cross-buy, too. Seriously tempted to get it on Xbox.

Didn’t realize that! With that info I’m much more likely to pick this up from the Xbox store now. Thanks for mentioning that.

Right, I mean that I had a press copy, they revoked everyones press keys and then want you to apply via some streamer crap.

It is indeed. And that makes it my platform of choice. Both for the convenience of having it on both systems and also because it allows me to play co-op on the PC while my daughter is on her account on my (home) XBox with only 1 copy of the game.

If we like it, we can always purchase additional copies for the family to get the 4 player co-op goodness started later.

Well, hot damn. Edging closer to picking this up over the weekend knowing there’s other folks to potentially play with.

Weekly updates continue, any owners here?

Every patch makes me want it more and more, damn dev’s.

Nah, not since they ghosted me.