Deepak Chopra's son adapts Spider-Man to India!

Best of all, young Chopra’s first name is “Gotham.”

Here’s Spidey in a dhoti.

Huh? I thought the first issue of this came out like, last November or something.

I think it’s great that they changed Peter Parker’s name to Pavitr Prabhakar but then didn’t even bother to make him brown.

This series has come and gone. It started with “big” sales for the first issue, and then petered out and was cancelled after 6 issues.

It was almost ridiculous the lengths they want to to keep the main character’s names similar to the originals.

Not that it matters, but the lighting is why Pavitr looks less brown (he’s never very dark, but is more brown in the actual comic) as well as the fact that those are all very early concept sketches/paintings. In fact, the Green Goblin equivalent looks almost nothing like the sketch of him in the lower left.

I’m not sure how the Reuters piece got past fact checkers (maybe it was the same people who let Mitch Albom’s piece on MSU B-ball “alums” at the Final Four this year), but the series was 6 issues in the end (after starting out as ongoing and then being ended at the first arc because of aforementioned poor sales). The TPB was released a couple of months ago, even.

They sold it in the US?

Yep, I even picked up the first couple issues. It wasn’t very good, so I stopped at 3.