Deeply dissapointed w/ the Planetside beta

I don’t care if the Planetside team reads this. The game is a HUGE disappointment. I can’t see how their going to get people to pay a monthly fee for this game when bf1942 does it so much better. I really wanted to like this game, but I can’t do it. I’m frekin bored to tears.

Well anyway… I’m giving up my spot tomorrow on the Planetside beta. What a dissapointment.


Wow, that sucks. I was hoping it would at least be as good as BF1942. I guess it just goes to show how good 1942 really is.

Sorry to hear it, AIM. Not surprised though.

This project was doomed from the start (but then again, when have you heard me be positive about any MMOG?). And then Dave “Tribes 2” Georgeson joined the project. And then BF1942 came out. And soon, Soldner, and the BF jetpack addon. And then Tribes 3.

I mean, how could they possibly expect to compell gamers to pay monthly for something that is basically available for free in any number of incarnations?

Publishers will continue to chase the MMOG hit, dumping millions of dollars into development. And they will continue to lose millions of dollars because there’s only 400K people willing to shell out monthly fees to game. And those 400K people are already playing Everquest and they’re not willing to give up their level 40 gnomes. Or whatever.

Star Wars galaxies and WoW has the best chances out of all the MMORPG’s to really hit mainstream. But that’s it.

I don’t agree. Lots of people (including me) play/played DAOC, for example. I’ll bet SWG posts huge numbers.

Ok, I’ll give you DAOC. But even then, how many subscribers for that game?

I’ll take that bet. 'Cuz I bet SWG is gonna be a bigger disappointment than Sims Online.

I hate to be a party pooper, but isn’t the NDA still in effect?

I don’t know, although my recollection is that it’s not as many as EQ. Still, I think that there are a good number of people out there who will play non-EQ MMOGs. And I think that number goes up as more people get into/comfortable with gaming, more people get used to using credit cards for online transactions and paying monthly fees for games, and more people get broadband.

I’ll take that bet. 'Cuz I bet SWG is gonna be a bigger disappointment than Sims Online.[/quote]

Huh. Well, I guess we’ll just wait and see. I think it’s going to be pretty good and a lot of people will play. But we won’t know until April fiftee–…I mean, some undetermined point in the future.

DOAC has over 220,000 subscribers according to the recent announcement regarding the cool $32 million dollar investment Mythic received.

As far as upcoming MMOGs that’ll make it… WoW is pretty much a guarantee. SWG probably will be one of the top as well, but I have my doubts about the gameplay.

I’m surprised that, as between WoW and SWG, you’re concerned about SWG’s gameplay. Although there haven’t been a lot of details released, from the film clip I saw WoW’s gameplay looks like nothing but a rehash of EQ.

To get back on topic: AIM, are you willing to post why you were disappointed? Although I had my doubts and was planning to wait for buzz/reviews, I’ve been interested in PS and was hoping it would be good.

Maybe I’m not a true Warcraftian. Okay, I’m not a Warcraftian nor have I ever been one. Still, I went to the WoW site a few weeks ago and started reading about the title. Talk about unimpressed. What does WoW have that we haven’t seen before? Then again, I find the old levelling grind a dull thing indeed so perhaps it’s just the chance to grind all over again in a new place that’s exciting?

I haven’t played PS, so I have no idea how it stacks up as a game. Assuming it’s good/great, though, I’d be more that willing to pay Sony 10 bucks a month for the centralized service they provide for permanently banning cheaters and team killers. Plus, I like the fact that PS isn’t moddable. I always hated trying to hunt down Tribes and Tribes 2 matches that weren’t running 10 different, fucked up server tweaks. I just want to play the regular game.

What’s really making WoW interesting for me (since I haven’t read ANYTHING about gameplay other than the suggestion that it will be easier to get into than previous MMORPGs) is the visual style. Practically every other title has used realistically proportioned models, photorealistic textures, and bland environments. WoW, on the other hand, is heavily stylized, making it SOOOOOO much more interesting to look at.

i’m liking planetside’s beta. constant support, low pings, and great teamwork. lots of fun.

That’s pretty much what the video looked like to me too - in fact, my interest in the game dropped after seeing it. But I don’t think it was showing very much. Overall they really haven’t given out many details about the game. Some of the features they have announced are interesting. Such as ritual spells - large spells that require a group of casters to perform together. Also instancing, where you and a group can have a dungeon to yourselves instead of everyone being packed in the same one.

I don’t think WoW is going to revolutionize the MMORPG genre or anything, but it will refine it to a T. This is Blizzard we’re talking about. The gameplay will be very solid. SWG might move the genre is more new directions, but most of their more interesting ideas have been pushed back and I don’t have as much faith in that team to release a really solid product with real solid gameplay. Also SWG has a drab and boring look to it, while WoW looks really lush and alive.

Is it breaking the NDA to say a game is fun or boring? I thought the NDA prevented you from saying specific things about the game, such as mentioning features or broken aspects (since the game isn’t finished yet). Could someone fill us (me) in on how these NDAs work?

He said he didn’t care about the NDA anyway :P

As for DAoC, they have around 158,000 subscribers to the US Servers alone (not including Germany, Italy, Korea, etc.) - this was announced by Sanya Thomas on a radio broadcast last week.

And yeah, The WoW trailer made me go “ho hum” - it looks exactly like DAoC with slightly better graphics. Big Deal.

stupid mmrpg’s are wasting talent. What a overrated genre of the future. computer games are still generally ‘one’ player experiences imo… STOP MAKING TOO MANY DUMB MASSIVELY WASTE MONEY GAMES (players AND developers!). Well i don’t mind Verant losing money, because they obviously milked EQ to ridiculous proportions… its not even funny anymore. HAHA VERANT BURN IN FLAMES!



Not to, eh, burst your bubble, but a few months ago there were over 250,000 people signed up for the SWG beta. And that number was steadily increasing. Don’t underestimte the power of the EverCrack dealers combined with the internet geekdom of Star Wars. Seriously ;b

Oh, and Verant doesn’t even exist anymore. Sony Online Entertainment now. So, on the other hand, your bubble might still be intact, if only on a technicality ;b

dammit. I guess EQ will save Verant’s butt yet again! Just like UO saved EA’s butt with EnB and Motorcity? hmmmm… all i can say is MMRPG’s are NOT the future of computer games. I think something like Animal Crossing or Diablo but bigger and free are the future of mp games. mmrpg;s will remain niche… with the sims online ‘failure’ i have a feeling SWG and WoW just won’t be as big as they are hoping… maybe im wrong… i thought sims online was gonna be huge!