Def jam demo

i spent a good part of the weekend (ok a few hours on sunday) playing with the def jam vendetta demo and it’s looking like it’s gonna be a pretty ridiculous and excellent game. i really want to play as ghostface killah a lot. i dare to dream. anyone else played with the demo?

Fun, fun, fun game.

I am very suprised that they executed the concept so well. And when you actually hit or do a move, you can really feel the pain your character is getting.

Going to get this one for sure.

haven’t played the demo. just seen the video clips on ign. looks cool though. i like how the finishing moves are so nutrageous. wakes you up from the normal piledriver/suplex kind of stuff.

I hope they throw in some intellectually stimulating hip-hop elements, like leaning on the turnbuckles or something.

I played the demo last night and it didn’t float my boat. I didn’t expect it to either, though. I guess I’ve got a hard time understanding why rappers make good wrestlers.


Rappers make good everything. Except actors. And singers. And talk show hosts. And sometimes rappers.