Def Jam Icon demo?

Uh, I’m not even sure why I downloaded this, but it’s AWESOME.

I dont even like most rap, but holy shit. It’s super over the top ragdoll, rythym fighting weirdness. With explosions and cool wounds/clothing damage. The backgrounds get all sort of trip-hop on you and dance to the music, the sky semi-randomly does a ‘fast forward’ visual effect that is pretty odd too.

Very very strange game, I think it’s a buy for me, definately if it has a create-a-fighter mode or something.

Anyone else give it a shot?

<blink> I think that’s the first positive comment I’ve heard about this demo.

I havent seen any comments on it. I didnt play any other titles in the series, so maybe they were different, but this is pretty damn cool IMO. Plus the wife will play it.

The graphics and presentation are pretty neat, but the controls are horrible.

Better or worse than Fight for NY? I heard that was a good game but never got to play it. All these free demos for release for the 360 are making me feel like I’m missing out not owning one.

Gears should be making you feel that way…

I like the controls, it’s like a mix of fight night r3 and the godfather’s melee stuff.

Ooh, I saw the trailer, and I’m slightly interested in this, even though I’m a hater
of all things rap-culture.

I just discovered there are a ton of demos that don’t show up in the main lists
or the new releases. Anyone else have that problem? PDZ and Kameo demos
don’t appear anywhere but “Featured Downloads”, which didn’t even register
as a selectable to me before now :P