Default settings for Samsung 191t+ monitor

My wife is calibrating our Samsung 191t+ LCD monitor and we are trying to set all settings to the factory default. I can’t find an option that does that automatically. Does anyone have some advice? And no I can’t check the manual because I can’t find it. :evil: :evil:


Isn’t there a button right next to the power button that does that automatically? At least align the screen, there are lots of things to calibrate.

No button on this baby. I have that button on my dell crt monitor at work. Thanks anyway.


On my 191t, the leftmost button is labeled “Auto.” Not factory defaults, but it should get the image close to where it should be.

David, here’s a Samsung 191t manual for you. The reason you probably
can’t find your copy is because there is no hardcopy. The manual exists
only as a PDF on the CD.

Apparently, the reset options aren’t available if you are using
digital input.

Thanks Roger. That makes sense as the reset options in the on screen display say “not available”. The monitor is connected using the DVI connection.

Denny…We’ll try the auto but I thought that related to auto source select.

My wife is going crazy trying to get a good profile setup on her monitor. She’s using a spyder device to make a monitor profile and color matching to her photo printing company’s benchmark photo. Color management is a beeyach!!