DefendersQuest- Tower Defense Puzzle Quest

Patch out. Just run the game to download it. The latest patch is actually 0.8.5 (further fixing to healer spell priority).

Fixes in version 0.8.4:

Fixed broken music tag in "All the Reinforcements We Need"
Fixed missing background in "An Even Greater Foe"
Fixed missing graphics for unique sword "Evni"
Fixed equip bug when getting "Glory of War" too early
Fixed triggers/dialog not showing on a critical battle
Fixed auto-update mechanism to skip forward after 5-second idle
Fixed healer priority logic:
    HEAL means, "use a heal skill if anyone in range is wounded, even if I have a higher attack skill ready"
    FIGHT means, "use an attack skill if enemies are in range, even if I have a higher heal skill ready and my friends are wounded."
    BOTH means, "use the highest skill, regardless of its type."
    This means FIGHT/BOTH will get the healer to use "ZEAL" even if no-one in range is wounded, so long as there's enemies to hit.
    Default healer priority is now "BOTH" rather than "HEAL."

I just bought this because it was linked in the bargain thread at a ridiculous percentage off (80? more?) and it’s fantastic. Very highly recommended if you want a tower defense game with RPG elements.

Yes, it is a lot of fun. I have had it a long time but been playing it all week.

And te story is pretty good for this type of game.

I just had Steam update the game with a Deluxe HD patch.

BTW, doesn anyone know whatever happened to the planned sequel?

They have a button in the new HD version that takes you to 2’s website (was that there before?). Not much info there, but it looks like alpha stage is just about done. Can’t tell when the site was last updated though.

It is cool that the did the HD patch, but yeah, i kind of wish they would make a #2 so i could give them my money.

The sequel is still in development with no issues or concerns. They wanted to get the HD upgrade of the first game ready and released, so they’ve been focusing on that; this seems to have been a smart move, since the HD build and the sequel use the same engine, and they’ve been rapidly working out some kinks with it now that it’s public.

The game’s super-good, and I can’t wait to dig into it again via the new version. Playing it under Hero Mode restrictions (using nothing but the story characters) is such a refreshing change from other tower defense games’ “make as many towers as humanly possible to clear some of these later waves” balance.