Defying Gravity: How is there no thread?

Interesting premise, clumsy execution. I can’t have been the only one rolling my eyes at the baby crying. You know exactly the spooky tone they were shooting for in those scenes, they just didn’t pull it off. These guys watched Sunshine but they don’t have the skill or maybe the budget to pull it off.

And ‘funny moment’ music? Really? What year is this?

Strong Grey’s Anatomy vibe, that’s exactly the show I thought of during the first episode. Drama++. Somewhat lessened in the second episode. At least of few crew members acted mostly professionally.

The initial concept seemed really corny – a bunch of hot astronauts taking a ‘tour’ of the planets? When the reporter got his response when he asked what was the point of all this, I was thinking the setup was incredibly flimsy. But, the hidden premise covers up a few of the flaws as presumably the hidden rationale makes some kind of sense.

The astrology talk, the fate talk, the true path, – Pod 4 is a psychic alien/relic guiding things along and the mission is really to avert some kind of catastrophe. Ok.

Hope they tighten things up. Lots of little things just stand out as weak writing. The physicists is asked what’s the point of him coming along. We get it, the scene needs to establish that Pod 4 is pulling the strings. But nobody wondered this until they were in orbit about to launch?

I didn’t watch it, although I did catch quite a few adverts for it. None of those people looked much like Air Force test pilots to me. But maybe I’ll give it a try.

Ratings were awful so I can’t imagine it will be staying around for long.

I’m not sure if the narrative was well-established. It does seem meandering a half-hour in.

I didn’t realize this show was on a major network. I would have had higher expectations. They need to fire their directors and editors. I assumed this was cable or Canadian.

The whole notion of astronauts being all ex-military pilots is outdated. I assume in 2050 or so when the show is set it’s even more so.

Well, about half of them are, anyway.

Whoever described it as Grey’s Anatomy in space were spot on. Although it didn’t annoy me as much as Grey’s Anatomy does.

Agree, I found it weird when the biologist had to go talk to her ex-lover/captain about shit that could put everyone’s lives in danger, the geologist asks how it went in the “like him like him way.” Definitely feels true to all I heard about Grey’s. Don’t think I could ever watch Grey’s myself.

Arise thread!

I just finished this for the first time, and LOVED it. Excellent character-driven sci-fi. It’s such a shame it didn’t last.

Glad this came back up because I ended up really liking this show a lot and was sorely disappointed that it didn’t find an audience. Sure, it starts off as Grey’s Anatomy in Space at times, but it ends up being a pretty interesting quasi-hard sci fi show which is really rare. Sure it’s not hard sci fi start to finish, but you can tell someone cared about trying to do long range space flight kind of right.

And moments like the Indian character sitting on the outside of the station taking in the view really drive home the beauty of space.

also I want to own this on blu-ray and there doesn’t seem to be any effort to put it out. Ended up getting on HD Amazon Video.

I would LOVE it if this came out on BD. Firefly eventually did, but I don’t think there’s the same fan fervor in buying the DVD’s here that would push them to rerelease it. :/