Deity Empires

I came across this game from one of my subscribed youtubers.
It looks rough but interesting. It’s 34.99 on steam, so it seems to be similar in pricing as Dominions with probably the same thought behind it (that of rare niche genre that some people want and are willing to pay for. Lots of options, no explanations.

The battles remind me of Master of Magic though.


I know nothing about it, but I wanted to keep it on my radar.

I misread this as Diety Empires. Imagine the fun and moral challenges of trying to make your nation lose weight and exercise.

This is on my radar as well.

That doesn’t seem like a fun game.

Link Repair:

Thank you!

Das Tactics has evidently just release a six parter on this game in its current state:

I watched three of those, and I’m tempted. I don’t believe it’s in EA though, which is weird.

Have I been saying deity wrong?

I think that is a region thing. I hear both Day-i-tee and Dee-i-tee in various situations.

Edit: Das is down under so they call it Die-i-tee I suppose.

Nice find. I’ve been waiting for some gameplay videos to see if this is worth getting.

So, I feel like this is a cross between Dominions and Master of Magic at this point.
That is either a recipe for awesome or terrible. So far, no Master of Magic clone has been all that great, and Dominions 5 is a wonderful game if way too complex.

This does look cool, but it also looks like the sort of thing that might fall apart completely because the developer is too small/new/uninterested to give it a meaningful AI.

Hmm, I wonder if it has many units…

head explode


Headless versions are a great idea to double the unit count. The only stat tweak needed is a reduced vision range.

Anyone watching Das’ live streams?

He really seems taken with the thing. I’m THIS close to taking the plunge my own self.

Das strikes again.

Once my new PC is up and running later today, I’ll install this and report back.

Let us know! With games like this, it’s hard to tell what might cause it to fail or succeed from just videos.

Watching Das’ streams convinced me. He loves it, and it looks to be just so deep.

But is it too deep? Dominions is a game I love, but I can’t play it to the end. I just spend my days theorycrafting.

MP games are different since it’s only one turn a day or so.

This looks far more Master of Magicy than Dominionsy, as I’ve not been able to click with Dominions either.