Deity Empires

Just be aware it took me over 20 hours of play just to start to get a handle on the game. And that included a ton of reading posts and asking questions on the game’s Steam forum. The folks there are super friendly and helpful.

Also, it just went off sale so you might want to wait and see if it goes back on for the upcoming Steam summer sale.

I have a few questions.
Is there a way to pan the map without using the mouse edge scroll? I have tried the arrow keys and wsad and some combos of mouse buttons with no luck.

In the battle screen are there hot keys to defend and to end the turn? Is there a settings somewhere that I can see all the game hot keys?

Since the last time I played, it now seems that I have to fully explore dungeon maps in order to finish, this is tedious. Is there a way to turn that off?

Not that I know of.

Yes. Spacebar sets the unit to ‘defend’ and skips to the next unit while ‘e’ ends the turn. Hit the F1 button in-game to bring up the help and look under the ‘hotkeys’ section. Here’s the full list:


• F1 : bring up the help manual.
• spacebar : rest all selected units for one turn.
• e : end turn.
• c : center the map on the currently selected army.
• z : reset the zoom level.
• n / right-arrow : select the next army that can perform actions this turn.
• p / left-arrow : select the previous army that can perform actions this turn.
• f : sleep all selected units. The units remain inactive until you manually select them again with the mouse.
• ctrl+s : quick save the current game.
• ctrl+g : toggle the size of map gridlines.
• ctrl+L : toggle showing the combat log.
• m : show the end-of-turn message box.
• s : bring up the cast spell panel.
• f5 : toggle showing city owners, and city spheres.
• f6 : toggle showing current/max road level, current/max improvement level.
• f7 : toggle showing improvements/roads/walls, cities, armies on the world map.
• f2 : toggle showing terrain info while viewing the world map.
• f3 : toggle showing an icon for army strengths on the world map.
• f4 : toggle showing army info while viewing the world map.
• ctrl+v : toggle vsync while the game is running.

• F1 : bring up the help manual.
• spacebar : rest the active unit for one combat round; or makes the AI animations instant for the duration of the current AI turn.
• e : end combat round, passing control to your enemy.
• c : center the map on the active unit.
• z : reset the zoom level.
• n / right-arrow : select the next unti that can perform actions this combat round.
• p / left-arrow : select the next unti that can perform actions this combat round.
• f : sleep the active unit.
• ctrl+f : toggle showing different the flag styles on units in combat.
• ctrl+g : toggle the size of map gridlines.
• ctrl+L : toggle showing the combat log.
• s : bring up the cast spell panel.
• t : will change the transparency of units (useful for seeing behind large units). The active unit and the unit under the mouse will remain fully opaque.
• up/down arrow : change the brightness in dungeons.
• f2 : shows line of sight for the active unit. Useful for Piercing Shot ability, or to determine if walls will block ranged attacks (among other things).
• f3 : toggle showing hit chance details during battle.
• f4 : select an AI target for the active unit to focus on (or a tile to move to if no enemy is seen). Use in conjuction with the Auto Battle button: cycle through each unit in your army, press F4 to choose a target for each, then hit Auto Battle and they will pursue/attack their designated targets.
• f5 : show tiles which have never been seen. Useful to determine where you still need to explore in a dungeon.
• ctrl+b : toggle using the number keys to select attacks or cast spells.
• Number Keys : select attack/spell.
• Ctrl+Number Keys : select spell/attack.

Use the mouse wheel to change the zoom level of the map view and various other screens. Holding down the control+shift key while using the mousewheel will change the vertical scale of the map view.

Once you’re in-game on the main screen, look at the bottom right where there are some icons and one of them looks like a gear. Click that and it will bring up the game settings menu. Check the ‘Dungeons contain treasures + levels’ box there. Then you just need to find the stairs on that level and move a character over it, you can descend to the next level or leave the dungeon.

You can also reduce the time spent in dungeons a lot by reducing the dungeon sizes from the default to 25 or so with the dungeon size slider on that same page. Experiment to find a size that works for you. note that if you make it too small for the number of units you have plus the dungeon’s defending units number, it will automatically resize it to make it bigger again.

I agree with CS, there is a bit of a learning curve. I’m at 15 hours and I’m starting to get the hang of it and it’s slowly digging its hooks in me.

One tip is to make sure you understand natural resources and production. Basically you need 1 NR for each production.

And I agree with CS, DE is great for SP, Dom 5 is better for MP.

One thing I didn’t realize at first, and was really holding me back, is that you can build extra roads on a tile and every extra one you build allows another worker to work the tile. Once you get 3 or more workers on a farm, then you’re getting somewhere. Also, you can manually reassign you workers to different tiles like in Civ.

The other thing I didn’t know was that you can only build extra levels onto existing farms if you complete a civic research project to unlock it first.

Those two things means big population increases and the associated huge boost to gold, resources, and everything else.

Also enjoying this. I dont suppose there is an “auto resolve” button for the battles anywhere?

I do not mean the button that lets AI take over the battle, thats just painful to watch, but a simple hit the button and its completely resolved immediately with loot?

If I select a city build order by picking something that requires a few other somethings to be built, and then I change my mind and want to build something else, how do I cancel my build order?

Not sure. I usually just speed it up.

I could be wrong since I’m still in the noob phase, but it seems this game requires you to build tall, not that it’s a bad thing. I say this due to settlers auto building, I don’t think you can rush units and the more cities you have the slower settlers build. And what CS just mentioned in being able to stack improvements and workers on a tile. Finally the the city radius seems fixed.

NM, CTRL+Right Click cancels a build order.

Yes, in a manner of speaking, there is. Once the battle starts change the battle delay setting down to 0 from 100 (bottom left) and then click the auto-battle button. The battle will resolve instantly. Just as good as auto resolve in practice.

Control + Right Click cancels the build order.

The first thing I do when I found a new city is turn off auto-build of settlers.

You can change the radius of cities to whatever you like at new game start. It’s a starting option. You can also set a limit on how many cities are allowed to be built in the game.

If you want a tall game without a lot of city spam then set the city radius to 4 or 5 and set the max cities allowed down to something like 5 for you and the AIs. Or, I guess you could limit yourself to 5 and allow the AI to build as many as it wants for a challenge.

Thanks. Did not know you could turn off auto-build of settlers. I did know you could set the city radius in settings. I wish they showed it on the map.

You can see the radius when you bring up the city screen but yeah, I know what you mean. A color overlay, shading or something for those hexes on the main map too would be sweet. I know it’s been requested so maybe it gets added. Meantime, I think a mod could probably do that if someone gets interested enough.

Thanks, agreed. Great game, but it still needs a bit of work.

Well, what do you know… I created a post to the devs on the Steam forum requesting that they add this and it turns out it’s already in there. A dev replied in the post and said hit the F5 key to toggle through the display options and one of them shows the radius.

The only thing is, I don’t like that it’s a solid color because you can’t really easily play with it turned on. So, I asked if they could make it an outline instead. We’ll see what they say.

And here’s the developer’s reply to me last night after I requested a radius outline instead and pointed out you couldn’t actually play the game with the current city radius display mode overlaying everything under it:

Ah I see. We will try to get that into the update after the next

That’s why I love these guys.


Yeah, these devs are great. It’s why I didn’t hesitate to pick this up. I’m really looking forward to see how this game progresses, especially since it’s in a good state now. And thanks for the F5 tip.

Next sale, I am so buying this game!

How do you do that? I was reading on the forum that if you turn this off the city continues to build settlers it just doesn’t finish them and you have to do something in order to finish them and put them in play.

Open the city screen. At the bottom left of that screen click on the ‘city options’ button and then uncheck the auto build settlers box. The setter will continue to be produced from overflow population but it will not actually be completed. Once you’re ready to actually build it, click on the settler on the upper right build panel on the city screen (just like you build a regular unit). The settler will then instantly be built and ready to roll out.