Deity Empires


OH okay. I was confused because Das kept saying the game was in early access as well.


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Where is that from? Not from the in-game encyclopedia.
[/quote] That’s from hitting F1/Help Manual (in Deity Empires). If there is some other encyclopedia in-game, I am overlooking it.


No, I thought we were still on Wizards & Warriors. As I said, confusing.


I hope you start a thread on that one. It looks like another really promising game, but so little info seems to be available about it.


I will when I get more time in with it.


The game with the cut off tutorial is Wizards and Warriors, I think. And that one seems to be marked Early Access on the Steam page.


THIS IS WHY THIS THREAD IS CONFUSING. ;) I meant Deity Empires. Das called it early access many times on his streams.




They should just combine the games so we’re not confused. Wizards and Empires!


That… actually sounds like the better title.


I see updates for this game in Steam and when I click on the View Updates link I’m taken to what is essentially a blank page. Where does one see what these updates are? Nothing in the discussions page sheds light.


Not sure. I have been playing it non-stop the past few days, but I did not notice an update. When I go to Update History, I get no info. I had it set to play the beta, and it appears that that is still what is on my machine.


Found it. In game, F1 has a bullet for Update Notes. And there is info for an update dated yesterday.

  • Cities will have visible names on the map, and they are actual names. :)
  • A spell compendium (finally!)
  • Updated terrain graphics


Thank you @FinnegansFather

I can see the update when I start the game, but once I close out of that and try F1 the update does not reappear although the Help Manual does.

That is a fine looking Melanerpes Erythrocephalus avatar.

We have nine species of woodpecker found in Maine, and the Red-headed is one of them.


A fellow bird watcher, eh? My retirement is all about birds, dogs, and computer gaming. :) But I am jealous, I have never seen your Black-backed or Three-toed.

Visually, this update really helps Deity Empires. The graphics crowd is never going to like the game, but prior to this update, the game actually managed to look significantly worse that Masters of Magic, which released 14 years ago. I’m still hoping for more thorough documentation, not to mention a better designed UI. In that regard, it is such a contrast to Spire of Sorcery, which I am eyeing as they develop it.

Still, Deity Empires gets so much right when it comes to gameplay.


What settings do you use @FinnegansFather?

My last play was as Wood Elves on “very hard” 4 out of possible 9 using default lair settings, no gold cheat for AI and stack limit of 8 for me and the AI.

The AI was very passive and did not expand much and when it tired to it would send settlers unescorted. The lairs were the principle challenge, and the ones with certain Elementals were stack killers.

We had a Downy Woodpecker at the feeder the other day, but I have not seen the Black-Backed or Three Toed Woodpeckers though I have heard the latter’s call when hiking in the woods.


I have also been playing at difficulty level 4, and also playing as Wood Elves (which strike me as so strong as to effectively lower the difficulty level by 1-2).

I agree that the AI seems somewhat passive, but the bigger problem I have noticed is that too often the AI civs seem to be placed in terrible starting positions. To the point that they were crippled permanently. Also they are not very good at clearing out lairs, so you know they are getting battered by wandering monsters. Yet another area where the game simply does not seem finished yet. (There are no guidelines for map size versus recommended number of AI civs, and to me this is an indicator that the developer has yet to wrestle with this aspect of the game.)

I agree that the lairs are the best aspect of the game so far. They are not optional, you have to clear them in order to settle land, but by necessity you must leave the elementals and such til you have better military, so there is always a risk of dangerous monsters. So military development becomes an integral part of “peaceful” domestic development. In my mind, this is the answer to the 4X problem, the mechanism by which a game can be too complex for the AI to play nearly as well as a human, yet the human player faces serious opposition.

We, too, have had the Downy Woodpeckers. Also an occasional Hairy, lots of Flickers, Red-bellied. Pileated are regular two places the dogs and I hike often. But I’m thinking I really need to get into the Adirondacks if I want any chance of Black-Backed or Three Toed, although we have a long birding trip planned for Canada spring of 20, and maybe I’ll find them then. :)


That’s a pretty shrewd observation. Some 4Xs have tried that - ES2, the new MOO - dotting the map with pirates that you have to bust, but in both games those feel repetitive and completely tacked on. In a fantasy setting like this, I think it is easier to introduce that kind of passive challenge without wrecking immersion.


Of course Imperator Rome is not going to be a 4X, but based on Quill18’s video the other day, they have a different mechanism in mind to achieve part of this. Some of the Germanic areas are unorganized, and if you have a populous area next to an unorganized area, you can just move some of your pops in and take over the area.

However… that area will continue to have a significant not-part-of-our-civ population, and they are particularly likely to bubble up in rebellion if you wage wars of conquest. I’ll have to see how that plays out when the game releases, but I really think the future of this kind of gaming will involve increasingly effective/interesting speed bumps for the human player, separate from the competence of the AI opponents.

A lot of people like me want deep, complex games and do not want to play them multi-player. Seems to me that this is the way to accomplish that.


Birds of a feather…