Deity Empires

Ok, have to check that out, the old one felt clunky to me the way it worked.

edit: yeah, that is nice, descriptions with picture of the unit.

P.S. can someone talk the dev into incorporating wabbit’s batch of graphic enhancement mods into the game because I honestly could not go back to playing it w/o them.

Yes that’s WAY better than before.

I see there is now a “sentry” option for armies in cities that pops up when you select the army.

Speaking of selecting, I quite like the new effect when you do that.

Wow, lots of good stuff here, and not the sorts of things I ever expected to see in this game. Some of this looks like polish!

Anyone know for sure whether it breaks saved games? I have a particularly fun game going that I wouldn’t want to ditch.

Thank you so so much.

This is going to affect me. I had been abusing this in the early going. Level up important units by letting enemies attack with spearmen in the back row. But I always thought this was an abusive exploit.

The implication is that all dungeons have the same number of levels. I wish that were somewhat randomized. But not a big deal.

Another big thank you.

I like that!

Probably the most important change to me, in terms of gameplay. A very big deal if considering keeping my deity materialized beyond the very first turns of the game.

Dungeons having set levels is the one thing I was really hoping they’d do design wise, and was worried they were married to the infinite depth. Awesome!

Now I hope they take the next step and make different dungeons have different depths. Like it would feel really good to have the ability to fully clear whatever on the map be milestones in the progression of a game, rather than hitting one huge inflection point where now you are gunning for all the dungeons.

I didn’t know Counter Fire didn’t give XP before, that’s a good change.

Now the one I really want to see is battlefield summons should give XP to the mage that summoned them (so I’m not talking about the ones your deity summons). They “steal” a lot of XP and makes me not want to use them.

I don’t think it does. I was able to load and run mine fine and they haven’t broken compatibility with past updates.

No, I don’t think they do. I think it is indeed variable. There are two settings in the file affecting this:

max_dungeon_level = 65
max_dungeon_level_skew = 3

From that I assume it’s now a random number of levels with an upper limit of 65. You can tweak both to make it more variable or limit the deepest possible level. I think we can test this out pretty quickly to see.

There are also a few others that folks here in the thread asked for:

Added a graphic alternative to the blinking army/unit. This can be changed in the game options.

Someone here had complained about the blinking.

Added spells Corporeal Exchange and Swap Places, allowing two friendly units to change places during battle.

Someone here had asked for this. @Galdred Maybe?

Added game option to limit the display size of units on the battlefield.

Someone here had complained about it being hard to click on big units.

Also, I really like that they added the ability to sort items in the vault. All in all, a lot of QOL improvements and some nice enhancements.

I hope everyone will try out my new color/font theme they added to the game settings (down toward the very bottom). They added 2, mine and one from a Steam forum player.

I don’t think they can. I think they would if they could because they certainly have added other fan provided mods into the game. I believe the issue is that wabbit scavenged the images from somewhere and they don’t personally own them. It’s okay to use them in a mod but the devs would have to acquire permission to use, or rights to the images from the owner(s) before they could incorporate them officially into the game. At least that’s what I think is the situation.

The devs are not artists and contracted for the current game art based on what they could afford. Hopefully someday a great artist somewhere will love the game so much that they will create a graphics mod that can actually be legally incorporated (hah, right).

Agreed. I just made the argument for adding this over on the Steam forums. We’ll see what happens.

Can confirm that each dungeon has a different number of levels now. But, you’ll have to start a new game for it to go into effect globally. If you continue your current save game and mouse over a dungeon it will show the number of levels as 999. I’m assuming that those were created previous to the patch and when new dungeons spawn in your current game, those new dungeons will have a number of levels between 1 - 65.

I may be blind, but I cannot find this on the list of options.

I like it!

That was my hope and I made that request in the Steam forum. Weird that it is a spell and not a perk but it is a step in the right direction, ahem.

Super cool!

Awesome – great job!

I’m thinking it might have been for technical or UI reasons. It’s a “Spell” units can get but it costs no mana.

Question. I have summoned baby red dragons on the world map. Will these guys ever level up to an older dragon, or will they remain a baby?

Looks like I’m starting a new game anyway. I need to change a key strat.

Baby dragons evolve into young red Dragons at level 10. The young red dragons evolve into adult red dragons at level 10 or 15 (I forgot), and the adult dragons can level up into ancient dragons.

Yeah, neither could I so I asked the question on the Steam forum. Got this reply back from the dev:

Oh I see it wasn’t added to the game options. We will add it in the next update.

For now you can edit game_settings.txt, it is the key:

You can set it as small as 50 (which will make all units appear smaller than a goblin during battle). As always you can only reliably edit game_settings.txt when the game isn’t running.

Nobody has mentioned this change but it should allow you to increase your meditation when materialized depending on how many of these units you can get and level up. Combined with the other (thrall) change that will basically allow you to recruit baby dragons even when materialized, this could be a game changer and it could be really fun to have a materialized deity now.


One of the bits of the design that I’m not fully comfortable with is the way meditation <> materialization works. Being materialized means you’re not meditating, so you’re giving up on a fairly significant growth multiplier. Much more significant than the XP you’re forgoing for your materialized body while etherialized.

As things stand at the moment, you really only want to be materialized when your deity puts you over the hump of clearing some dungeon/lair/combat that you really need, which is going to unlock a new city site or whatever. Which, conceptually, yeah! Totally fits that I pop a corporeal body to lead the armies when the objective is super critical, otherwise I’m fucked off into the clouds doing god things. That part totally works. What doesn’t quite gel, I think, is that the cost to materialize feels so significant that I’d rather wait the 10 turns or whatever to get out a couple more units to accomplish whatever military objective rather than give up the time and mana meditating.

I’m in full-on armchair designer mode, fwiw, and haven’t spent the time elbow-deep in the game to have any kind of strong, definitive conclusions.

But wtf, it paid my salary* for 10 years, so why not?

/* not much of a salary tbh

Well actually I think that the below change means that materialized deities get meditation now (when materialized) as long as they have mana channeler units. We need to test it to be sure though.

• Added abilities Deity Mana Channeler 2/3/5, which allow a unit to increase its Deities meditation while the unit is alive. These abilities have been added to a number of units as an available level-up option.

Indeed! I apologize if I wasn’t clear; I’m all for this.

Flavor-wise, heck yeah, I need to build my armies of cultists to worship me so I can do More Awesome God Things.

The AI in this game is a big jerk. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

Okay, I’m going to post this info from the Steam forum here for posterity in case we wonder how this works later. Someone asked if max_dungeon_level = 65 in the settings meant that 65 was the max number of levels. The dev responded with the below:

max_dungeon_level is more of a guide as to what it should be, and you will usually get much smaller numbers, and you may very rarely see numbers larger than 65. The distribution is skewed to favor smaller max dungeon levels. You can change the skew with the setting max_dungeon_level_skew (valid 2-10). The actual calculation is:

for each dungeon lair, roll 3 numbers from a chi-squared dist’n with max_dungeon_level_skew degress of freedom, and take the minimum of the 3 rolls. Multiply this by max_dungeon_level and divide by 10 to get the actual max dungeon level for the lair.

Also, they said that the valid range of values for max_dungeon_level is 1-1000.