Deity Empires


One of the bits of the design that I’m not fully comfortable with is the way meditation <> materialization works. Being materialized means you’re not meditating, so you’re giving up on a fairly significant growth multiplier. Much more significant than the XP you’re forgoing for your materialized body while etherialized.

As things stand at the moment, you really only want to be materialized when your deity puts you over the hump of clearing some dungeon/lair/combat that you really need, which is going to unlock a new city site or whatever. Which, conceptually, yeah! Totally fits that I pop a corporeal body to lead the armies when the objective is super critical, otherwise I’m fucked off into the clouds doing god things. That part totally works. What doesn’t quite gel, I think, is that the cost to materialize feels so significant that I’d rather wait the 10 turns or whatever to get out a couple more units to accomplish whatever military objective rather than give up the time and mana meditating.

I’m in full-on armchair designer mode, fwiw, and haven’t spent the time elbow-deep in the game to have any kind of strong, definitive conclusions.

But wtf, it paid my salary* for 10 years, so why not?

/* not much of a salary tbh

Well actually I think that the below change means that materialized deities get meditation now (when materialized) as long as they have mana channeler units. We need to test it to be sure though.

• Added abilities Deity Mana Channeler 2/3/5, which allow a unit to increase its Deities meditation while the unit is alive. These abilities have been added to a number of units as an available level-up option.

Indeed! I apologize if I wasn’t clear; I’m all for this.

Flavor-wise, heck yeah, I need to build my armies of cultists to worship me so I can do More Awesome God Things.

The AI in this game is a big jerk. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

Okay, I’m going to post this info from the Steam forum here for posterity in case we wonder how this works later. Someone asked if max_dungeon_level = 65 in the settings meant that 65 was the max number of levels. The dev responded with the below:

max_dungeon_level is more of a guide as to what it should be, and you will usually get much smaller numbers, and you may very rarely see numbers larger than 65. The distribution is skewed to favor smaller max dungeon levels. You can change the skew with the setting max_dungeon_level_skew (valid 2-10). The actual calculation is:

for each dungeon lair, roll 3 numbers from a chi-squared dist’n with max_dungeon_level_skew degress of freedom, and take the minimum of the 3 rolls. Multiply this by max_dungeon_level and divide by 10 to get the actual max dungeon level for the lair.

Also, they said that the valid range of values for max_dungeon_level is 1-1000.

That’s quite the range.

New patch is out tonight. In addition to what’s in the notes below, they also added the unit display size slider to the in-game settings, it’s just not listed.

Beta Build 1.1.57

Hi everyone

We’ve released a new beta build to fix a couple issues and add some new features. Here are the update notes:

• (2020-02-21)
• Fixed: Multiplayer games should no longer end when the first human player is defeated.
• You can now consume heal potions outside of battle by clicking on the heal potion icon in the Unit Info Screen.
• Changed the effectiveness of heal and mana potions based on the level of the unit using them. Heal and Mana Potions now restore an additional 1-2% of maximum health/mana per unit level of the unit using them.
• Fixed a bug with the Mud Walking spell not working correctly.
• Battle summons no longer receive XP from landing killing blows. The XP they would normally receive will instead go to the end-of-battle XP pool.
• Increased the potency of magic items found on the last level of a dungeon.
• Added a Sentry mode for units.
• Fixed a bug with dungeon encounters on one dungeon level being overpowered relative to the previous level.
• Fixed message “Last Defender Killed” not always appearing.
• You can now drag resources from one unit to another by clicking on the small resource icon on the unit (in the top-right panel on the world map, or in the panel that appears when right-clicking an army on the world map) and dragging it to another unit in the army. You can also drag the icon to a neighboring army on the world map to transfer the resource to units in that army. Currently it will transfer 1 potion per drag, or for adamantium/mithril/natural resources it will transfer as much of the resource as it can.
• You can now reorder units in an army by dragging the unit, similar to dragging resource icons.
• The Artificer’s Warehouse can now store 5000 additional mithril and adamantium (up from 500).

Fast response on the summoner XP. :)

This is one that I did not understand why it was not there originally.

Heal and mana potions were added to the game fairly recently so they’re still fleshing out the functionality there a bit.

Is there a way to disable magic casting auto going to increase meditation skill? Every single time I cast some spell outside of combat, if I do not manually set it to increase research or something else, it defaults to increase meditation skills. I am in the early game and I do not want my mana pool drained by increasing my med skill. If I did want to burn mana on that kind of thing, it would be set to battle magic because that is like half the value of my med skill.

According to the patch notes it defaults to the last reoccurring world spell cast:

• World spell casting will now default to the last recurring spell clicked on. Recurring spells are: Increase Meditation, Increase Battle Mana, (ie Increase Mana Pool), Consume Souls, Increase Magic Research, Expand Item Vault.

Increasing meditation is one of the most single important things to do early game.

I guess it is bugged. Because If I have it set to increase research, then cast some spell, it will go to increase meditation. I also need the mana for other things.

Is your version 1.1.57? If so, yeah, it sounds like a bug that needs reporting.

Deep T, you need to be playing the beta on steam.

Even if it is bugged, why would you ever under any circumstances choose “increase research” over “increase meditation”?

Real question. I don’t see the value in ever choosing research over meditation. Meditation is the bottleneck on your power.

I’m getting the impression that they have done more than just vary dungeon depths. As I have expanded beyond the area where dungeons existed prior to the patch and finding varied depths, I am finding them more varied and more interesting, and I am wondering whether they have worked on creature behavior a bit.

Thinking back… This is an entirely different game than the one I played a 14 months ago, where you plunked down into a bland dungeon and basically waited for a few scraggly enemies to come and suicide themselves on you.

It’s really tragic just how unknown this game is, but it is partly due to the fact it was released so long ago in a condition that was so uninviting.

Another factor is that I imagine a fair percentage of people who have played it never played the beta which is far superior. Or with the graphical mods that make it a fair bit easier on the eyeballs (and I know they can’t include baseline for legal reasons).

But yea this is a greatly overlooked game.

Wow while I am far from a strategy master the deity AI sure is difficult to crack…I am trying to asssult the last AI’s walled cities and it is brutal.

I’d be very interested in hearing about your experience with that last city and the AI once you finish the assault.