Deity Empires

Yes, deities use magic level when materialized. To see it, click the “units” tab at the top of your screen, hunt for your deity there and right click on them. The magic level is on the bottom left of tab one. Right-click on the “magic level” label and get a popup telling you about magic level.

Note that your deity is probably level 1 with a magic level of only 9. If you have had them materialized any, those numbers will be higher. Note their HP which is zero because they are dead.

Do you know if buffs on units, like flaming weapons are per figure or just added to the unit as a whole. IE: +1 fire damage is crap unless it was multiplied by the figure count of the unit.

It feels like it’s per figure but I don’t know for sure.

I just evolved my first Ancient Blue Dragon, from a baby I summoned at the start of the game.

First reaction on using him in a dungeon: Hahahahahahahahaha!
Second reaction, when seeing my gold/mana income: Hahahahahahaha (in a very different tone)!

With an ancient dragon you should be able to go deep enough in dungeons now to rake in 20k-30k gold per dungeon. What major hero are you using for those?

I don’t have greater Heroes yet, just a pair of Ancient blues. And yes, they are basically lawnmowers in dungeons!

Make sure to research the Oversized unit Civil tech so each of your Ancient Dragons can be 2 Ancient Dragons :)

Holy crap, I didn’t know that was a thing.

They should rename it Mitosis, heh.

New Update pushed today. I like that you can rearrange your crew before the battle starts. My front line guys always end up in the back row in dungeons. TIL, if you click on auto-battle a second time, it will resolve instantly.

I just made a post on the Steam forum this morning pointing out that in deep dungeons you can fill up your inventory partway through and lose everything you pick up after that including the nice treasure you get on the final dungeon floor. The game doesn’t warn you that your inventory has filled up during the dungeon run. The devs have already responded to the issue in tonight’s release. It’s a good solution.

• You can now overfill your item vault during your turn. If your vault is overfull, you will need to delete items before you can End Turn.

An excellent solution.

Is there a setting to slow down the move animations of the AI on the world map?

When I hit end turn I’d like to catch where the AI is moving and right now it’s so blindly fast I never can catch who did what, it just flies by in a blur.

Yes, in the in-game settings towards the top there’s a ‘world move delay’ slider. Setting it higher will slow down the world map moves. I believe the default is 120. A setting of 0 is instantaneous movement.

Ah, I saw that and raised it but perhaps not enough, I thought that might be it.


That vault change would have been amazing during that crazy dungeon game I did. I’m still very happy about it, though!

Is there an setting for XP rate of units? It must have been 100 or more battles for my baby red dragons to turn into young ones. I even had the warlord skill.

I am planning on abandoning my current game because I really made poor economic choices for my cities. One issue I have had is that other than dungeon diving, there doesn’t seem to be much to do. Basically a lot of turns go by and not much changes. I typically play with 6 cities max (and it still builds settlers for some reason after hitting the cap) with a radius of 3 with faster game-play. I think my next game will be on fast mode, although I do not know if this affects XP rates.

I also recall there was some setting somewhere about how much you get treasure from dungeons. Is that an .ini file change or is there some advanced setup for that.

I typically go with starting skills of battle master and meditation and a few skill books.
I would like to do battle caster, meditation, and holy specialization, but that would leave me with no points for books. I think instead Ill just do battle caster, holy specialization and buy as many holy books as I can to get close to summoning lesser angles as I can.

What are some good starting skills people are using?

Yes, there’s an XP divisor that determines how much XP is earned at the end of battles. There’s also coefficients you can change but I haven’t touched those as I don’t want to get into the math.

Dungeon dives are the best thing for leveling baby dragons. I can take a young dragon from level 1 to 15 in one dungeon run now that I can reliably make it to the 15th floor. When you’re first starting though it can be a grind.

Here’s some info on the leveling math from the Steam forum:

• (2019-05-28)

• Changed the way xp needed to level up is calculated. It is now 2level^3 - 5level^2 + 12level. Relative to the current system, this makes leveling up much faster until level 13, after which it gets increasingly hard. You can change the coefficients in game_settings.txt, which are named xp_coeff_3, xp_coeff_2, xp_coeff_1, xp_coeff_0. The formula for the xp needed for a unit of level to get to the next level is xp_coeff_3level^3 + xp_coeff_2level^2 + xp_coeff_1level + xp_coeff0.

There’s also a ton of other info in that old thread about the math:

For those of you getting to deep levels of dungeons, are you just getting a mana pool big enough to cast extend battle a bunch of times or is there some way to increase battle turns without spamming that spell?