Deleted scene from KNOCKED UP

For those people who don’t know that KNOCKED UP is an R-rated sex comedy - this clip is NSFW.


Wonder if that dude had the same roommate as Bill Dungrosman…?

Holy shit, I literally have tears in my eyes here. I’m still not going to see that fucking movie, but god damn that was funny.

Dungrosman. That’s a good one, Damo!

That was awesome. I’ve been living in a bubble lately but I saw Seth Rogen on Conan and that + this = I’ve gotta see this movie.

My first thought too, but like Bill I take my hat off for the namechange allthough I think you should have added an extra ‘s’ for effect.

When typos work!

That really sucked with the volume down…I was expecting to see what’s her face nekked…

It was just the head, I promise you that.

Youtube = it can’t be THAT “nsfw”.

Big meh.

The Doc Brown clip on their Yahoo Movies site is what sold me on it.

Actually, Apatow, Seth Rogan, and Paul Rudd would have easily sold me on it, too, but it’s this clip that got my hopes up. The kid in the clip Whitta linked is funny, too. He provided 3 of my 4 laughs in Accepted.

You know how Rimbo links those webcomics that are supposed to be totally fucking hilarious but are usually, painfully not? This is the exact opposite.

The “Plays Fetch” scene was funnier I thought.

“He’s playing fetch with my kid.”

I think this might’ve just moved to my must see list. Great link, Whitta. But WTF, why did they cut this scene?

Judd Apatow shoots movies in a semi-improvisational style, so there’s usually tons of funny stuff that has to be cut for time or because it doesn’t fit with the pacing or whatever. Check out the deleted scenes on The 40 Year Old Virgin for some awesome examples.

Hilarious. Will watch this in between Pirates and Ocean’s 13.

mouth full of Ledger


Bill D wrote that scene, I’m pretty sure.