Deliver Us The Moon

So I like games like this, reviews seem decent, anyone playing?

Game features Nvidia RTX magics.

This new avatar scared me!

Yeah this looks pretty cool. Think I’ll hold out for the console release though.

$10 for the soundtrack? That’s the most I’ve ever seen someone try to charge for one on Steam.

I bought it and have played an hour or so. It’s a pretty standard puzzler so far, but has great visuals, an interesting story and a pretty good voice cast. I’d say it’s worth picking up.

I know when I’m in charge of everything, and the extinction of the human species is at stake, I’ll just send one guy to take care of it because…meh.

No idea what the game is, but 10/10 for idiotic synopsis/premise.

This is on Gamepass now.

Also supports DLSS 2.0

For what it’s worth, the idea is that the space agency collapses in the wake of the disastrous loss of the Moon power and it’s a small renegade team of ex-agency types working in an abandoned facility that finally, five years later, manage to send one dude up. Not that with all the Earth’s resources they’re only sending the one.

Now, I don’t know if I necessarily buy that focus would divert that sharply but it kind of implies things have fallen apart on Earth so badly that there just isn’t a lot of attention to spend on a project that’s already considered to have failed.

Finished it on Friday. It’s okay. Very nice graphics tech applied to often kind of boring settings. (But, in fairness, they are trying to present a plausible near future set of space stations/bases so they are heavily based on what those things look like today and that’s functional, not flamboyant. Some okay puzzles, a moderately interesting plot. A sneaking section I could have done without.

I played through it over the weekend and I’d have to say that I liked it but didn’t love it. I liked the experience, the ambience, the mood. But it never really seemed to find its own identity - I kept being reminded of other works while I was playing it, movies like Interstellar and Gravity (which they’ve cited as influences during development) and then, you know, Moon. As for other games, it plays much like Tacoma and The Station as far as following in the footsteps of ghosts (not literally, but might as well be) and uncovering the mystery behind the entire situation.

None of that is bad, in my opinion, it just never really felt like the game stepped out of the shadow of those works. Certainly not a waste of time to play but then again, I’m not sorry I waited for Game Pass to carry it either. There weren’t really any difficult puzzles but there were more than your average walking simulator contains. Some fun action moments, racing between oxygen tanks to your next checkpoint, but some dumb ones too. I don’t know how many times I redid the puzzle to restart life support in the space station because I had to dodge these electrified cables and hitting one would bounce me back into another one and two hits = death. Some weird Donkey Kong platforming toward the end too.

Still, a net positive in my opinion. I’m hopeful these guys have more cool stuff on the way.

I haven’t taken off toward the Moon yet, but I enjoyed the little I played of it so far. I was enjoying it more as a first person game in the first five minutes though. When you get in your space suit, they push the camera back to 3rd person and immediately all the things I didn’t yet look at in the room look so far away that I felt like I missed out. I didn’t know that was my only shot at looking at stuff up close.

I finished this up today and can’t say I really enjoyed it. At least it was short. The moon buggy sequences were kind of fun, but there wasn’t a lot there.

It mostly grabs ideas from better games without knowing why those ideas worked in those contexts. The controls are awful, it performs astoundingly poorly on XB1 (my fault for not grabbing the PC version), and it’s full of incredibly annoying design decisions.

  • Voice logs, written material, radio chatter, AND holographic recordings. 90% of the story is presented through the radio and holographs. Also, it’s not a good story.

  • Platforming sections, stealth sections, driving sections, zero gee, exploration, puzzles. It should have it all. None of these is well executed.

  • A robot buddy you can control in some bits! Which really means fly him through clearly marked tunnels and hit one button.

  • Several tightly timed sections, some bits with instant death, one of these placed at a climactic moment and interrupted with the game briefly mucking with your controls because ooh the character is injured isn’t this sad and exciting no it is not just let me beat the fucking game.

  • Finally - super dark levels with a flashlight that has a battery that needs to recharge. You don’t need to find power, just turn it off for like three seconds. The game is not scary, and the flashlight is never something you worry about, and it needs to be on like 75% of the game. So why does it run down? Or better yet, why not just turn up the lights?

I’d recommend staying away from this one unless quarantine has you desperate.

Excellent write-up thanks!

I downloaded this from GamePass PC this weekend. Overall I give it a thumbs up, sure there are issues but overall not bad. The sound and music are top notch and really help set the mood. The puzzle in general were just tough enough and the length was perfect. Overall I am glad I played it. Games like this are perfect for me on GamePass, I would never buy a game like this but like the opportunity to play them.