Dell 2005FP + ATI Radeon 9800 Pro?

Quite simply, will they play nice? Dell’s site indicates the 2005FP requirs a video card capable of WSXGA+ resolution (1680 x 1050). ATI’s site isn’t helpful, as it doesn’t explicitly indicate that this is supported, but says that it depends on the driver. Before I plonk 550 down on this monitor, can anyone indicate if it’ll work?

Seems to work (googled: 1680X1050 9800pro).

Take this for the unresearched answer it is, but I would be very surprised if it were not supported.

Works fine.

Plenty of people over at the Widescreen Gaming Forum have gotten this to work with no trouble.

Even runs games well at native res!



PS. This monitor is the most respected monitor on the forum, by far.

It really does rock. Have fun!


Hey Mike,

one thing I’m nervous about is the problems other people have had with it - backlight issues, stuck pixels, etc. Are these genuine issues, or just the usual internet complaints?


Well I had three stuck pixels. Personally, I don’t feel that 3 out of 1,764,000 pixels being stuck is a real problem. I can’t see them unless I look right at them and I never notice them while I’m gaming.

The backlight issue is less familiar to me. I guess at certain angles you can see the backlight sort of bleeding through, but I just don’t notice this at all either.

All I’m really noticing is a really high resolution wide screen that looks really really good all the time.