Dell 2407 FPW --

So, after checking around on all the major sites I usually check (unfortunately).

(anandtech, tomshardware, hardocp, and google) I decided to let the damn Dell logo on the 3 LCDs I’m working on during the daytime lead me to ordering a 2407 as a replacement for my Compaq P1610 24" WS CRT.

And THEN I find the Widescreengaming forum:
With one negative post after another.

I am seriously considering cancelling my order…

So I figured I’d just check if anyone has had any experiences with it here, or ever complained on dell hardware to get replacements, that are improved?

From what I read the DVI connectors are shoddy on the 2407 and this affects image quality, so my hope is that they will use better quality ones on this screen than the ones in the reviews, they are already using them
or that I can complain on the screen and get a new one with better hardware.

Really sucks to order a piece of hardware and then find out there are lots of problems with it.

Guess I can blame the major review sites for not having a 23/24" lcd review for the past year…

Oh whell. I’ll post my experiences when it arrives – which could be anything from a week to a month.

My 2005FPW died on me fairly quickly - backlight problems. The replacement had major issues with the base and the springs.

The forums seemed to suggest I was far from the only one. Dell have a crappy track record for QA with these monitors.

How long did it take for your replacement to arrive, I would expect them to be fairly quick with sending those, especially if you order it for a business vs. as a private citizen?

I just hope the DVI issues have been solved on the one I am getting.
Regretting a purchase before you have even made it seems like a bad thing.
Oh whell, by tomorrow it will be forgotten… only the memory remains.

I’ll post a “review” on it once I have it, at least that way there will be one – on the net – for the monitor – unlike the current situation, unless you can read Korean or Japanese.

I just took a chance on a 2405FPW yesterday, since my current CRT monitor started acting wonky on the weekend (uh, the vertical lines are no longer straight - anyone know what’s that indicative of, other than pending monitor death?). It’s a 5 or 6 year old Sony GDM-F500 series, so I figured it was time to try an LCD – the 2405FPW was on sale for something goofy like $750 US. Hope it works out o.k.

While I can’t say with any certainty whether or not Dell has a crappy record or not, we should keep in mind that the Internet makes any problem look horrible.

And more importantly, Dell sells more LCDs than anyone on the planet. It wouldn’t be a shocker to find that more people have problems with their displays, even if the average fail rate is the same as everyone else’s.

I’ve been loving my 2005FPW since I got it, and have been waiting for the arrival of 2407s to add another, larger, one to retire my 19" CRT (I have a dual-display setup), but the site still lists only the 2405 so I’ve been holding back.

I agree with steve, above. I wouldn’t necessarily take opinions on the net as a good indication of the quality. As always, people complain about things far more than they ever will praise them publically.

I wasn’t dealing with dell directly, so I hassled the people I bought it from until it got sorted. Maybe a week or so.

I bought a monitor through dell as a person. It started experiencing burn-in after about 9 months. I called them, and had a replacement the next day.


I have some image persistance on my old 2001fp, but it’s had that from day one. If the pixels get overexcited, say from the timer of a racing game that has the pixels in a certain place flashing for hours on end, it can take a while for them to settle back down. it’s as if the LCD crystals get “tired” and don’t want to turn opaque completely, and i can see a faint outline of the timer counter. :)

how is burn-in different?

Sounds good to me. :-)

Judging by the 2405fpw on which I’m writing this to you, I think there is a good chance that yours will also work out just fine.

I had my 2005FPW and had to jump through hoops to deal with the burn-in/image persistence problem. Basically I had to lie in order to get it solved, because their little script couldn’t diagnose the problem so obviously the problem didn’t exist.

What I’ve learned is that if you ever need to return something, just say it doesn’t turn on anymore. Easy to diagnose, no questions for them to ask, just be like “It’s plugged in, I tried different outlets, it just doesn’t turn on”.

That’s what I like about modern hard drives. You just tell them, “BAD CLUSTER” and blam, RMA. Actually I have a friend who works for an HD company telling me his company has a “no hassle” return policy so in theory you can return it for whatever reason, within the warranty period.

Too bad that company was crap ;)

Like that, except after you turn the monitor off over night, the discoloration is still there. My WoW health bars were permanently burned in to the monitor when I replaced it, and I don’t even play more than a couple hours a a time ever.