Dell about to introduce the 3007FWP. 30" widescreen LCD :shock:

Thats fucking hot. I bet this thing will rule the school.

Sweet black baby jesus I want!

Wow, that’s dreamy. I’ll take two.

I’ll move to the 2407 before this one. Geesh, I need a big/widescreen tv first. But still…quiver.

Mmm, built-in card reader, USB hub.

Eck, I’l never get to own one of those suckers for awhile, I’m sure. But, maybe this means the prices will drop quicker on the 2405FPW!

Yeah, I’d sooner get a 2405, upgrading from my 2001. Funny, I was perfectly happy with my 2001 until I heard of this new gadget…

This thread is useless without pricing.


over at the HARDocp forums I saw that some people are expecting it to be $1800

cums in pants

Is this a new chogglepants variant we’ve not yet heard of?

Oh God, I had completely forgotten about chogglepants. Why did you have to summon it back?

Qt3 has 33% of the world’s content on chogglepants, you know.

The 3007WFP is said to have a a resolution of 2560 x 1600

This monitor is pretty worthless until video cards are 3x more powerful than the current generation. I mean what card even puts out that resolution?

Mine does :o

Do we have to plug the monitor into both DVI ports? Unless we throw another card in there, do we lose multi-monitor capability if we choose to use this 30-inch?

I’d learn to live without it.

It’s one connector with to a dual-link capable DVI port on your video card.


Mine does :o[/quote]

Even the 6800 series goes that high.

Not that you can run, say, FEAR at that res with any kind of acceptable performance, even with a couple 7800GTX’s SLI’d, but still.

This monitor just got a whole lot less desirable. I was definitely thinking of using this with my PC as well as a display for one of the next gen consoles, or for TV viewing. The 2405 FPW has VGA/DVI/S-Video/Component inputs.

The 3007WPF? Only DVI:

Can’t say I’m anywhere near as interested as I was when I first heard word of this panel.

Here’s the Dell spec page to peruse for yourselves: link.