Dell Athlon 3800, 1gb for 450$

Whaddaya think? Would this be a good system for the next two years, with a decent video card? Something that would run BF2142 at 1024x768 with no problems?

Or is it not a good deal?



Like i said before, i just sold my 3000 AMD64 w/ 2gig ram for 190$ shipped.

Well, shit. It’s a better deal than has on it’s off-brand computers. I wish arstechnica would update their guides so I could figure out where the sweet spot is these days.


It’s a good price on a low-end PC, depending on what the rest of its specs are like, but I wouldn’t consider it a good long-term solution. A dual-core CPU isn’t superimportant right now, but it will become more so over time. OTOH, if you’re trying to put together a complete gaming PC on a tight budget, this plus a mid-range video card (e.g., 7600GT) is a good combo. Just don’t be surprised if you start feeling the upgrade itch sooner rather than later…

What about an X2 3800+ for 399? 1gb RAM, 160gb SATA, etc. etc. Still Dell.


Where are you finding these deals Houngan? The usual suspects aren’t lighting anything up for me. :(

The Fry’s thread in this forum had the following deal last weekend:
“eMachines XP 3500+ w/ XP Home, $269”

Currently their home page lists a similar setup for $399 (1GB, 200GB 7200 RPM SATA, XP Media Center edition). In stock, same day shipping.

If you want something to last the next two years, you want a Core Duo with 2GB.

I’m still using an xp 2500 with 1gb and a gf6200. what do i win? seems to be the best source of custom Dell configs. Otherwise, and

It’s probably enough horsepower for me, I don’t really run games at super resolutions or want windowed instances. What I want is a computer + video card that can run any game at 1024 x 768 with 80% of the whistles turned on.


That was a hell of a deal at 270$, but didn’t last long.


But can you find a complete system for under $500? It seems pretty clear Houngan’s looking for something cheap.

Nothing: my friend has an XP 2500 with half that RAM and a GF 4200.

Yep, the Core Duo is certainly a performer, but you can’t even get a mobo + CPU for less than 300$ right now, much less a system.

Along with a 200$ video card (roughly the 7900 GT right now) I imagine this would work well for the next 2-3 years of technology.


Erm, that’s my old system, but with an ATI 9600. FTW?


Pretty sure the GF 4200 is slower, so my friend still wins - sorry. Plus side is that pretty much anything you buy will seem like a huge improvement to you. So yeah, that $400 Dell is a good low-end deal. For a video card, I’d recommend the 7900GTO for ~$250 or the 7600GT for ~$140, depending on your budget and how soon you want to upgrade to a DX10 video card. BTW, is Dell offering free upgrades to Vista yet?

No, no one is. I’m waiting for vendors to start offering it before purchasing.

It better be soon! I got the upgrade itch baaad!