Dell embraces Opteron

Okay, not exactly “embraces”, but maybe “doesn’t avert eyes from”.

Dell announced yesterday that they have finally started to offer some AMD-based servers. Nothing for the consumer market, and not a huge product line or anything, but a step in the right direction. Amazing that it’s been this long in coming, but it can only be for the good. ArsTechnica’s article

Another interesting Dell-related thing I recently heard that was news to me is that they actually bought Alienware a couple of months ago.

Buying Alienware was an admission that they are struggling to grow on their own these days.

[i]Dell tried to push past and out the door, but AMD blocked the frame, forcing Dell against the jamb.

They locked eyes and stared. Nothing was said. Dell met the burning gaze for long moments, but let its eyes wander to the bulge in AMD’s trousers.

“Is that…?”

“Yes,” AMD said. “90 nm process, native execution of x86-64 64-bit applications. Linear addressing beyond 4 GB RAM. Multicore.”

AMD leaned in close. Dell snapped its head aside, turning a reddened cheek, denying the lip contact. But it kept its smoldering eyes locked with those of the integrated circuit manufacturer. Feeling warm breath on its neck. Anticipating.

“My fabrication line is ready for you,” AMD whispered. “Touch my isotopically pure silicon wafers. Do it.”[/i]