Dell Goes Private

I’m starting to think this VMWare acquisition was a huge mistake…

Why on Earth would it acquire VMWare in the first place? Does Dell own a lot of server/cloud software or operating systems?

Yes, they bought Perot Systems and contracted out to corporations to run their IT including private cloud solutions which used VMWare. Then they sold those assets to NTT.

Most of our Dell business is server and cloud software.

No one installs Windows Server / Linux on bare metal anymore. Not if they can help it.

Do companies even have data centers anymore?

Absolutely, if your product is CPU or RAM intensive and needs to stay on 24/7, the cloud is crazy expensive. You pay for all that convenience.

The secret to AWS’s success is that it’s easy. Easy to setup. Easy to delegate to your devs. Easy to allow them create dozens of VMs with way, way more resources than they’ll ever need. And most of all, easy to forget about. Months and years go by, people come and people go. Meanwhile AWS is charging you $20k a month for shit you probably don’t need, for servers that haven’t been touched in over a year.

So that 32 core 64GB VM that a contractor setup and forgot about that’s using 1% CPU to run ntp and respond to snmp requests is lumped onto a single physical with a 500 other VMs just like it, doing nothing at all, but making AWS a fortune.

Ew, man, I can’t tolerate the endless mazes of the AWS console. I moved everything to Google Cloud where it’s far easier for me to get a handle on what is happening. It ain’t perfect, but unless AWS has dramatically improved the UI for managing stuff via the web, it’s a whole lot better. Their instance names/types are too difficult to decipher, too. At least for me they are.

It’s a huge fuckin’ mess.

Job security, I guess.