Dell Laptop- can I add a gfx card?

Work just bought me a Dell Inspiron 6000 - not a bad little laptop really except it comes with:

“integrated Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 900”

My question is, can i ADD a graphics card to it or does the base model ship with no slots? I know you can add a card when you are building the machine on the site- but I am not sure if you can add one after the fact.


In a word, no.

Laptops with integrated graphics use a different chipset then laptops with discrete graphics; there’s no way to switch from one to the other.

Thanks, I was afraid of that-- a suggestion I got was-- “play Starcraft” which is not really a bad idea :)

thanks for that

Yeah, you can play that, the Diablos, Fallouts, Baldur’s Gates, Arcanum… Just nothing, you know, new.

ACtualy it is possible to upgrade the graphics card in a laptop, as long as it is built that way. I think Alienware has/used to have a laptop model that you could change the graphics card. Still, I do not know details on it.