Dell Precision laptops - do we like them?

I’m in the market for a replacement for my 5-year-old Dell Latitude D505 laptop. I’m looking at the Precision line, but I’m wondering if that would be overkill for the kind of work I do. I usually have 8-10 office apps open at a time, including MS Office (2003), Quickbooks, Acrobat, Thunderbird, etc. I’m not using intensive stuff like CAD or video editing.

Should I set my sights a little lower and go for the Latitude again?


I don’t think you’re in need of a Precision but if you’ve got the money, go for it.

The Latitude is the go-to Dell laptop in my opinion. If you’re happy with the one you have now but are looking to modernize I think you’ll be fine.

yeah, no you don’t need a precision, they are sweet though. go for the latitude, they are nice and have light up keyboards which are very important these days. the 6400/6500 are very nice.

Buy cheap dell, replace in 18 months, repeat.