Dell S300wi interactive projector

Anyone have any experience with the S300wi or the S500wi? I sat in on a demo of one from a Dell rep, and my initial impressions were horrible. It appears to be a misguided attempt to smash a throw projector and a SMART Sympodium display together for a budget price.

To me, the software seems even worse than the hardware since the interface isn’t redesigned for the wii-mote like mechanics. Anyone with any shaking at all is gonna have a hard time clicking a button let alone writing.

And don’t get me started on the $90 wand that needs re-charging on a dock. Does Dell really expect this to work in a classroom/enterprise setting?

I have one. We didn’t really use it. It was bought because we wanted an S300 anyway and the price difference was small enough to give it a go.

As for wiimote - these things are primarily designed to be used with the wand as a pen, right up against the screen. Distance effect is not the selling point, it seems to be a side effect. It’s competing against products like the Promethean Activboard.