Dell XPS 1730 World of Warcraft Edition

I’m completely taken aback by this. I know Michael Dell plays World of Warcraft, but I didn’t expect Blizzard and Dell to become business partners (you can actually set up WoW subscriptions through Dell now to my understanding).

But seriously, who in their right mind would drop $4,050 on a Warcraft themed notebook? Don’t get me wrong, it’s a spectacular notebook, but man…you’ve got to LOVE WoW to get this thing.

It comes with a ton of nice goodies in a WoW themed backpack, such as Beta passes for future WoW expansions, a “golden ticket” where you can get a figurine of your character. The system, however, isn’t a joke…it’s a beast by notebook standards. It comes with:

Dual 8700M GT SLI, which is DX10 Compatible
An Agea PhysX Card
An Intel Core2Duo T7500
Vista Ultimate
2 GB Ram (667MHz)
160 Gig 7200RPM Hard Drive

And then of course the Backlit Keyboard, light effects, and custom graphics.

But the question still stands, who in their right mind would spend that kind of cash on this system???

Not the X7900, eh?

Is it really that much though? I mean its a lot to me yeah, for sure. But people spent 6k on boutique computers often enough for their to be multiple companies building them.

thread useless without links or pics

Images from Kotaku, I cant pull any anything from the Dell intranet for fear of losing my job since this computer hasn’t been released yet.

http:// - Kotaku Article

Don’t have a picture of all the goodies unfortunately

Smart making it something I would be embarrassed to be seen with in public. They should throw some “For the Horde” decals on there, just to make it look even dumber.

Looks awesome for WoW players.

Too bad I avoid that game like the crack cocaine that it is.

The price and WoW link do seem a bit odd together. I mean, the laptop looks to be worth close to the price they charge for people who would use it as a portable graphics workstation, but the specs are ridiculously overkill for WoW.

Well, I think people would be disappointed if the special WoW laptop was a rig that was just a stone’s thrown above the recommended requirements.

Yeah but this is like 5 trips around the world compared to WoW’s recommended configuration. DX10 SLI GPUs? A physics accelerator unit that WoW will never use? Etc. A laptop with less ridiculous specs and a price tag closer to $2000 would make more sense for a WoW-tie-in. This one should have Crysis or UT2k7 shit on the front.

My guess:

Dell’s hardware engineers built this beauty has some kind just general high-end performance laptop, when the guys from marketing game down with this WoW tie-in and they dedicated this one to that.

Uh, yeah? The 1730 has been available for weeks, if not months.

[LEFT]Get a whole lot of use out of that PhysX card playing WoW.

So, its the same laptop, just with a WoW skin?