Delta crosses the line

Do go ahead – I’ll just sit here and watch, thanks. Would you like me to order you a Pink Squirrel? Leading a backlash is thirsty work…I’ll have them put two maraschino cherries and a little Bettie Page swizzle stick in, just how you like it.

You can’t really call it an anti-wumpus backlash becasue it just goes on and on and on. It’s just sort of full fledged forward lash, and nothing else.

Show me where I did that.
I’m pretty heavy with the EDIT button, I’ll grant you that, but I’ve never done it after a post of mine has already gotten a response Tom.


Thanks for clearing that up, but I have no idea how I’m supposed to edit a *.tpl file. When I open it up with Notepad, there’s all sort of scary extra stuff in there that seems to say, “Don’t edit me with Notepad”.


It’s just a text file, but it’s in Unix format. Notepad won’t like it. Use Ultra-Edit 32, it’ll convert it for you.

Goddamn, I just have Ultra-Edit 31! Hate it when that happens.

Tim, you should really upgrade from your old 31-bit OS to a more modern one. :P

  • Alan