Delta Force: Hawk Ops: may be something to keep an eye on

So this may be something to keep an eye on. But I will say, that name is just hawkward.

Delta Force : Whore Cops.

Probably could have workshopped that name another 10 minutes or so.

When Delta Force is sneaking around, they don’t want to face their enemy, Hiccups.

Prophets, I wonder if this will be as bland and soulless as that Comanche reboot from a few years ago.

Embracer IP, Chinese dev, Tencent, a gazillion platforms. Probably F2P junk made for cellphones and blown up for big screens.

A military game title must have some combination of delta, strike, elite, ops, command, force and special. The use of Hawk is inspired and means this game will rock.

You mean, “RAAWWK” right?

Needs more voxels.

I look forward to videogamedunkey playing this.