Dem Debate Tonight (that is interesting) [8PM EST] {7 Feb}

Tonight it’s an epic showdown where Triggercut probably has a 10,000% better idea of what we’ll see than I do.

In the scrum are:

Details on how to watch from ABC or local site WMUR.

Happening in a few minutes. I’m going to see if I can watch it at

So far they’re kind of playing chorus with one another.

They all look good so far, except Biden. He sounds exhausted.

I liked Bernie’s emphasis on unity.

Bernie is still just shouting the same thing he always does. It’s literally just the same lines.

Buttigieg serves Sanders.

Sanders returns.

Moderator is definitely trying to set up Bernie vs Sanders.

I think Pete’s answers are better than anything anyone else is saying. He sounds confident, hopeful. It’s a good message.

Debating the details of Medicare for all is just dumb.

If Pete’s smart he’ll let klobuchar attack Bernie. She’s not a real threat anymore, and whoever attacks other folks will ultimately also lose points.

Oops, forgot all about this. Thanks for the thread @Hal9000. I’ll tune in now.

I’m surprised that Bloomberg isn’t in this. I thought they changed the debate requirements and that he would qualify as a result.

I guess Klobuchar thinks she needs to knock Pete out in the moderate lane. Not a good look.

Damn. I want to watch this. But the wife is watching something called The Magicians. Yuck.

Steyer is making great points.

You’re welcome!

Steyer is really swinging. WOW. Pow, pow, pow!

Steyer saying we need to beat Trump on the economy. That’s interesting. I wonder what that means. Reminding voters that the tax cuts didn’t actually help the economy? That we’re still in post great-recession slow rebound?

Stephanolopous: This is getting too interesting, and is too important to the actual election. So we’re going to change the topic.

Yang: We shouldn’t hold former Presidents to account for their actions, that’s something 3rd world countries do.

Fuck you Yang.

That’s not what Yang said, but have at it.

Of course, that’s not what he said, but that’s what his philosophy results in. It’s the end result of “looking forward, not backward”.

Edit: It was a mistake not to hold former Bush officials to account, and it would be a mistake again not to do so for this administration.