Dem Debate Tonight (that is interesting) [8PM EST] {7 Feb}

Biden looks ancient. Has he been this extra pale lately?

Finally on. Sanders: All these murderers and scumbags in charge of countries. Let’s sit down and talk it out. Wut?

I wish that the Afghanistan Papers would be back in the news again.

Also, yeah, is Biden’s makeup off or is it my screen? He’s channeling some Nothing But Trouble.

First debate I’ve watched. I’m a little behind, but so far Klobuchar is having a good debate, but I really like how Steyer is turning every question into an attack on trump.

It is fucking imperative that he lose in November, nothing else matters.

Yeah, i don’t think anyone is going to beat Trump on the economy. The economy is good.

You gotta beat him on the fact that he’s insane and corrupt.

Wow. Steyer’s mind is so much sharper than Biden’s.

I think Biden is done. I feel bad for him, but hey…he made it to VP. That’s an accomplishment. Time to go.

Conventional wisdom says that presidents get credit for the economy whether it’s good or bad. The Democrats should be changing the messaging to say something about how a good economy mostly benefits those who are already rich. The working class folks whose lives could be ruined if they take a sick day need to stop believing that a strong economy is a directly good thing for them.

Biden appears to be operating on a HDD on a stage full of SSD’s.

I don’t think you are going to be able to convince people the economy is bad. It’s not what people think. We’ve already gone over the polls on this. People are seeing good things in the economy.

You need to make the election about something else.

It needs to be about the fact that having Trump as president has been embarrassing and exhausting for all of us.

Ross Douthat already gave a simple example of how trump can get attacked on that front:

“Trump wants to use our prosperity to line the pockets of his friends. I want to use our prosperity to give you a public option/better schools/family leave/new infrastructure/etc.|”

Edit: Though I do agree with your other points.

And yet seemingly not exhausting for him. It makes me really wonder if amphetamines aren’t the way to go.

Short term? Sure. Long term? No fucking way. I speak from experience.

I think the election can be about more than one thing. “Trump is bad” and “Trump’s strong economy serves to make himself richer” can both be fine lines of attack.

I’ve heard plenty of people say that he might be on something like that. Not to get too side-tracked, but could that be possible?

Or is it just the exuberance of such an inherently narcissistic personality?

I’ve seen pictures, close up, of his dilated pupils. This is in bright lighting, TV lights. Dilated pupils can certainly be a symptom of amphetamine use. It can also be a symptom of fear. Maybe he’s terrified of being in public. Of speaking in public. Because deep down, he knows he’s full of shit?

Biden is getting saggy and sleepy.

Stop this shit already. Discuss what they say. Not what they look like to you. Really?

Could be. He certainly wants to be loved. (Or feared.)

I oh man, Yang finally finds a way to talk about his freedom dollars!