Democracy 2 (people had asked...)

Ok, this is just silly. Picking Mexilando I decided to see how far I could push conservatism. Pretty damn far it turns out. I just went through my third election winning 93% of the votes. Hell, it would have been more but I had two scandals in a row the months before the election.

Every law-and-order measure is pumped to maximum oppressiveness and I’ve managed to keep everyone but the liberals happy.

Is there a way to suspend elections and declare myself Generalissimo? Cause that seems like the logical step.

99% baby.

Well yes, your country has submachine guns on the flag, this does not imply good governance.

Take that, Saddam Hussein!

You’d be surprised. I’m not just running an oppressive police state, I’m running a utopia with a massive tech advantage through maximum school and research spending with an equally impressive productivity thanks to my business-friendly policies. But since I also invest heavily in environmental tech I’ve managed to keep a lid on pollution, and socialists are kept happy through my impressive welfare program.

Everyone wins. Well, everyone but those pesky liberals, but they’re coming round to my point of view.

Ha! Mexilando is for wimps. I challenge you to try the same in Biblonia, with the options set for higher difficulty, higher economic volatility and higher interest rates. bwahahahahahahaha etc.

That was fast – Version 1.02 available (you have to redownload). Along with fixing some bugs, he added a button so you can browse replacement ministers without firing anyone (awesome).

That bug where the buttons dissappeared is gone too now (afaik).