Democratic Debate 14 JAN 20

The party’s about to start, so here’s a thread for it.

It seems to be streaming live on, even for people internationally, pretty good.

Thanks! I’m watching that via Edge browser on my Xbox. Working ok.

Not a fan of Klobuchar’s response about foreign adventures.

Warren’s response was great about removing troops. Steyer is coming out swinging, I’ve got to say.

Warren is on fire 🔥

Too much real news going in tonight…

Roku users, you can install the cnngo channel/app and watch it there, even without the cable subscription verification thing. At least I think so, there’s a message that makes it look like they may stop the feed after a while (says it’s a preview)

Biden is sustained by caffeine, Sanders is sustained by hatred of his class enemies.

Well as far as foreign policy is concerned I think I like all these folks

Steyer flogging climate again. Good, glad someone is.

Warren all “it’s because I’m a bit more of a pragmatist than Bernie”

The climate change talk from Bernie, Steyer, and to a lesser extent Pete is great.

But then you have the moderator continually chiming in, “stop talking about climate change” (my paraphrase)… Gosh.

Bernie and Warren are playing a bit of good cop and bad cop.

Yeah, it’s been a bit…weird.

Wow! Great turn by Warren

To be fair, I liked Bernie’s response to some extent as well.

Oh boy that’s like a married couple arguing right there lol

Both Warren and Sanders are coming off very well so far (well hey, I am biased).

Steyer knows he needs to make an impression, and he also truly knows the importance of climate change, so he is doing great as well.

So why is Bloomberg not here? Didn’t qualify in time?